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I'm playing on "Give me Deus Ex" , and considering that i died once or twice on the easy difficulty...well, let's just say i suck at games. Now I'll probably have to change my tactics, but it's still nice knowing what the boss will do beforehand.  Protip: Don't go into the limb clinic in China for that biochip replacement.
What happens when you do that? It was pretty obvious that the Illuminati had something to do with that so I didn't change my chip.
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Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike
Battlefield games

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I think it makes the game kinda easy. You don't blow though ammo like crazy and it can be kinda fun, I do however really want to kill dudes, I just starded the final level and after seening what happened it was kinda hard for me to not just start killing everyone. That part was hard.

Resisting the urge to just ice EVERYONE in the last level was the hardest part of the game for me. I'm eagerly awaiting playing through that part in "murder-everything" mode.

Felt exactly the same. It was so hard to not just waste all those fuckers. The game seems to be deliberately tempting you.

Maxed out lungs, faster sprint and higher jumps make the last level very easy.
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Medium, the lack of a reticle on hard mode makes the third person combat a bitch. 
Get a laser sight. I never used the iron sights after I got a laser sight on my pistol, machine gun and sniper rifle. The sniper rifle with a laser sight is great against bosses since you can do a lot of damage without exposing yourself.
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Hard wasn't very difficult for me. I mostly stuck to the shadows but every firefight I got into was pretty easy. Most bosses took 5-8 attempts.

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It gives you access to the DNF demo.

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Does it work in Europe is is it USA only?

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You don't have to watch them before you play. They pop up as you play.

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Whiskey Media Cola coming soon.