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You're right but it definitely doesn't bother me. Geralt has long been one of my favorite personalities in games and Witcher 3 just cements that.

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hah, I was just thinking about how much I love being broke in this game. Different change of pace. I dismantle as much as I can until I have no cash then sell what's left. Basically I am a hobo Witcher at this stage.

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I loved the first DA and enjoyed all of them generally but it's not even close.

Game to game and franchise to franchise it's The Witcher hands down.

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This thread is basically a clone.

For me, this is a game of deliberate button presses, first and foremost. Dodging and Rolling are both extremely important but near everyone I watch who is having a hard time is just spamming them without thinking. Don't get me started on attack mashing and failing to recognize when to go Fast/Strong

Frankly it just sounds like some people are not very good at the game and want it to be the game's fault. Or maybe the combat is not up their alley, I dunno.


The signs are SUPER effective, even without upgrades. And if you feel you are dancing around enemies too much you need to asses what you are doing wrong. I never feel like I'm just dodging around a pack aimlessly or too long. Everything is calculated. I use crossbows, bombs, signs and geography (trees, hills, etc) to split mobs and then dice them up.

On BaBB and Death March every battle feels like a life or death fight for me and I love it. I haven't had this much fun in a melee game in a long time!

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I don't really agree with your analysis about he cpmes across in the games. I think he does come off as witty and perceptive. He has a dry sense of humour, and some of his lines are flat out hilarious. I've felt this way since Witcher 1 (never read any books) and definitely his characterization is stronger with each game.

He's just a very subtle character. It's what I love in him.

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@aegon said:
@rongalaxy said:

At that point, wouldn't it be cheaper to import from the us?

Hmm...60 x 20% would be 72 bucks. Not sure how the tax works with international sales. If it's another 13% then that'll be another 10 bucks.

$82 plus shipping, so nope. Someone can correct me if I've got it wrong.

I'm intrigued. Case Study!

Let's say you are buying a game that is 79.99 CAD. That means that with tax, depending on your province, you will pay 84.00 to 92.00 CAD (5% - 15% tax)

If you order a game for 59.99 USD off of Amazon, a standard shipping rate is 10 USD, and the import fee deposit is 3 USD. This is a grand total of 73 USD, which is 89.60 CAD.

All of this is to say that depending on which province you live in, it is technically cheaper to import games from the US, though never by much. Shipping is the deciding fact. Now that said, keep in mind that usually has much better sales than, so I dunno really what's the best way to go.

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Elektra is the worst.

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79.99 plus tax is fucking hilarious! Canada is a small market, but our end game sales are absolutely going to feel this. On the flip side, maybe this is a chance for digital to make some headway. Sony has been having actual, true blue sales recently.

I will never buy a brand new game again at this rate. Oh well. I can get some digitally on Steam, and the rest in bargain bins.

Let's take a look at what brand new games will cost now in Canada, rounded up because we murdered the penny:

ProvinceDollars You Get Fucked Out Of
British Columbia89.60
New Brunswick90.40
Newfoundland & Labrador90.40
Prince Edward Island91.20
Nova Scotia92.00
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This is definitely (ok probably) a controller issue, not a game issue.

The reason it's working (not noticeable) for other games is that the Witcher 3 default camera sensitivity is utter madness. Turn it down to the lowest setting and see if the problem persists. I play at that setting myself and it's fine mechanically.

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I'm pumped for this. I really enjoyed Rivals from a mechanics stand point and had a ton of fun playing with friends. But I did wish the cars were more tunable, and playing as cops was fun but ultimately not very unrewarding (weapons are boring to get; I want spoilers damn it!).

I think @chaser324 100% on the money here though in general - the entire concept of "rebooting" Need for Speed is just completely out to lunch. It's a stone's throw (or two) from rebooting Tetris. And I can't imagine anyone who isn't on this forum or similar would see this game in stores, see the title, and think "oh this is a fresh start", so I'm not sure who this reboot idea benefits.