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This thread shouldn't exist.

People like Destiny, get over it.

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Meh, whatever. I will forget all about by next week I'm sure. Not terrible, but not really anything anyways.

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That just seems way too early...

Unless TPP has been in development way longer than expected and Ground Zeroes was just some tiny level they yanked out to fund development...

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BarraBarri ball is super rad.

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Kinda seemed garbagey but anyways If I ever would have watched it it surely would have been on the couch at home.

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Tactics Ogre would be the big one for me.

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@aetheldod: I also hardly used potions or crafting in general.


I played Witcher on Normal for a while before making it harder. Definitely took a while to learn what the spells did, but my bigger challenge was learning to constantly mind my positioning and dodge to a better spot. That single skill, once learned, transformed me.


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I'll never forget how shocked I was when I booted the game up and realized it doesn't support a controller.

ME1 maybe you could excuse for that shit because way back then controller support wasn't a given.

But the other two?

Among the greatest sins in modern game ports.

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@sheaters said:

I am obviously new to the i am just wondering how long my new game post will be till its reviewed. Sorry if they is posted in a wrong place...i am new.

Sounds like CornBREDX is right about this. You submitted a new game to be added to the database, right? Like he said, usually 24 hours or so. If you're not sure, you can hover over your profile image in the top right corner of the site, and clicking Wiki History. You'll see your submission and if it is Pending, Approved, etc.

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