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@Mike: On tonight's show, how crazy do you have to be to pay real money to protect your fake money online? Tune in and find out!

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I think your OP is fair and I agree with it in a way, in a void, but this is Giant Bomb Dot Com. It's a website. About video games! And it sure ain't Small Bomb Dot Com! Content on this site should be so gigantic it just crushes you to the point you are falling out of your chair when you look in that bottom left hand corner and the see the length of the video. We're talking double, maybe even triple spit-takes.

Well, ok. Maybe that's going a little far. In general I feel quick looks are a good mixture of long and short, but I could be totally wrong here, as I don't really care to finish everything outside a few select series. And to be really honest, I'm not sure I ever watch any video on the internet that isn't at least 30 minutes. I dunno. I kind of like how GB let's you pick up videos where you leave them so when I do watch long videos or series, it's easy to do so in small chunks.

Anyways I sympathize with you and I would say that I'd love a series that was shorter, more edited or something like that, "Bite Size Bomb".

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@geraltitude: Yeah, I avoided using this terminology here because I'm sympathetic to your argument. It's also why I'm happy that Bungie used the phrasing "won't impact the action game in any way," which I guess out of context might read like "won't impact the game, which is in the action genre, in any way," but to me reads like "which will not impact the action/shooting part of the game in any way." They know well enough that dancing matters.

That's unbelievable you replied, I was just miming myself sending you an email for the beastcast when I saw this. Definitely I read it like you. There's an acknowledgement here. Specificity is rule number 1 in expectation management. And when it comes consumers Austin, well... expectation management? That's everything! *a jingle plays in hell*

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I want to more excited.

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This isn't the place for it but the whole "cosmetics don't affect the game" attitude is a bold-faced lie marketers have somehow gotten away with for too long. Grrrr! Hear me seek justice!

Yes, it does change your experience with the game.

Sure, cosmetics do not change at all how much damage you do, but there is a metric fuck of a difference between paying 2 bucks to unlock a dance/sparrow/shader and unlocking a new one IN GAME. One of those is a fun experience (an exciting reward or loot drop perhaps?) that makes you want to keep playing the game and finding new stuff, and the other is not.

Anyways feel free to tell me I'm wrong and cosmetics and how you unlock them has 0 effect on your experience playing a game.

Yes, this is the lesser evil. I'm not blind to the other options, just dumb and worried. There is already a lack of loot in this game and problems with everyone having/going for the same gear. I don't see this DLC making that better, only worse. Except now when everyone tells the same story about this gun they got from a raid, they can all tell the same story about going to the online store to buy a shader.

That said. As maniacal as it sounds, I think the idea of using your whales to fund free content for everyone else instead of expensive "leave everyone behind" expansion packs is a smarter decision long term for the community.

edit: ohhh that hurts to say but it is what it is.

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@donaldrump said:
@konig_kei said:

By stopping sexism in reality.

Aaaaaaand... how do we do that?

The short answer is you don't, at least not for like a couple hundred years at least. The long answer is you reform the patriarchy into something else. Good luck with that.

This is the correct answer, go ahead and mark it, then close this thread. You don't stop sexism, you change society.

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Hell yes I am.

Got a bonus from work so have some spare cash and a new controller!? I'm in. Gonna try it out with Civ and Xcom and see what's what.

The bigger barrier to me with playing games on my TV is that the size of icons on games not designed for a controller are too small to see from my couch. Having a controller won't really improve that experience. For anything else, a 360 controller works fine.

Yeah I mean this exactly why this controller always seemed a bit off all in all. Still, as someone who always sits close to a monitor, it would be cool to use a controller even when a KB+M is within reach. I'm old and keyboards ain't great for me.

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@intruder_joe: You could say that about every multiplayer game. I too fell asleep playing GTA online but we're talking about one of the most popular series of all time so it's actually beyond obvious to me that people do love the multiplayer. It's the CoD of third person shooters, isn't it?

As for single player DLC? Nuh uh. Never. Forget about it!

It's been too long, and that's a tough game structure to add DLC on to anyways. If anything you'd play as all new characters but while that worked for GTAIV dlc it seems pointless for a game where you already played as three people and there really weren't other interesting characters except for whatshisname.

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@coverlesstech: ah damn that is not as interesting lol. Well... maybe works out better for a game where you create a class etc but now we really are just talking about another fantasy RPG and how on earth will this one separate itself from the pack..

That note you made about not knowing what is true reminds me very much of the last Call of Juarez game, where the story/events change under your feet as myth/reality crossover. Not many games do that at all, so, there's another cool angle I suppose. Not easy stuff though. Bit ambitious.

Does anyone know about Lionsgate videogame deals? Who do they work with to get that done?

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@slag: you're a good, helpful duder slag.

Just, uh, swinging by to drop a line.

And I'm blaaasting offf agaaaaaaainn!