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@rethla: oh yeah I just didn't download it for some reason !

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It'll probably be PS4 for me, hope the performance isn't... dicey.

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@rethla: there were two DLCs this week, they just posted the wrong one. There's a Geralt Skellige outfit I think instead of the Ciri one.

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@tuxfool: I just don't see that implication at all but if other people do I guess I'm just wrong.

I think there is a clear separation from saying "This DLC sucks, I wish they didn't put it out" and "I wish they used the resources here to make one larger experience as opposed to many small ones." I love the Witcher series and have been proselytizing it (even though the interface for the first game is pretty terrible) to my friends. I think the Witcher 3 is great, I just don't think this collection of DLC is going to hold my attention until more substantial content comes out.

What game would you compare this to and say "that was better DLC"? I can think of any that aren't just wrong comparisons: Dawnguard, Lost & the Damned, Undead Nightmare, ME3 Citadel, etc.

I think you are coming at this from all the wrong angles duder.

1) the DLC was never intended "to hold your attention". They are little cherries on top of the hundreds of cherries that are already in the game. That's all. Think of them as little thank you notes from the developer. CDPR doesn't think they're setting the world on fire with these downloads. I'm not sure why you feel this DLC is supposed to be so grand / what you could compare it to.

2) your ressources statement speaks to some misunderstanding about how games are made. If you look at the DLC they are very smart from a production stand point. The vast majority of items (costumes, hair styles, gwent cards) fall to artists to build, not designers, coders or anyone mechanically involved.

The way making a game works at this stage (i.e. game is out) an artist can create a dozen costumes by the time a single designer and writer will even have settled on a rough concept of what a level is going to be. Art and Design move at very different speeds. Assets, when your rules are in place, can be built very quickly. Hence the DLC. So while I know you aren't saying "this DLC sucks, I wish they didn't put it out" your other statement doesn't really apply either. This DLC does in no way stop CDPR from making that bigger content. And they are. And because it will be so big, we will have to pay for it.

Which, considering what we already got from The Witcher 3, is far more than fair.

Think of this DLC as thank you notes. Most games nickle and dime you for anything. Costumes, hair, horse armor.

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Depending on what they do to it, I kind of feel like playing AA again.

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Did you do all the quests and get the new armor set? There's some very cool content in there.

I think the free dlc has been great, and I still have some to see.

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Well that was nuts.

We've returned to "2Human" levels of video content ingenuity.

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Man tomorrow is like Christmas now. Just one more sleep!

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I'm loving the main story but I've been mixing it up with quests and random exploration. I've never played a game differently I don't think, and usually I enjoy the pace.

All games of this length drag in places but your main complaint is just design disagreement I think, as well as not enjoying the story. I definitely feel differently, and really enjoy how heavy the main quest lines are conversation wise. That's what the Witcher is about to me anyways. Combat isn't the main point of the game. Exploration, detective work, talking, that's the Witcher how I play it. I do think dialogue decisions are input, and they can be fairly meaningful in this game. At the end of the day though it just comes down to how much you like the characters and writing. I think the game is designed with the Witcher Contracts being the combat challenge of the game. I've been playing them all when light red in between story quests and it makes the more laid back story more fun. Plus it makes sense. After tracking and fighting some incredible beast in a one hit kills duel to the death atop a mountain in a raging storm, big city bandits and henchmen, soldiers, of course they're just punks.