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When I play NFS, I want to hold down the gas before the race and create a massive cloud of dust along with the sounds of a thousand jets exploding. Then, when the light turns green, my car should blast off the line like a rocket ship, and again, sounds of thousands of jets exploding even louder.

If this isn't what you're looking for, you want a racing sim.

When I want a racing sim, I play iRacing.

To answer your question, it became socially acceptable near the dawn of arcade racing games. Those big ass machines we raced in at the arcade, you know? Cruisin Country or whatever? Cruisin USA? Around then. Not sure what you mean by "finesse back in race starts" since there was never a time where False Starts were default so far as mainstream racing games go :D :S ?

All that said, an option to turn it on in arcadey games would be nice. But that's just not what most arcade peeps want from an arcade game. Simulation Racing games should already have what you're looking for, keeping in mind that Gran Turismo and Forza are more arcade-sim blends than raw sims.

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@artisanbreads: it's 50 percent done *since* Tabata joined two years ago and they restructured the team (he wasn't director yet but that's when the major project direction change occured). The next 50 % should be completed faster.

I say 2016 is a good bet.

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I want to be interested in this game so bad. Hope there is a quick look soon.

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Sweet case.

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@finaldasa said:

@geraltitude: I don't disagree with you but I think Danny means that the 90's were evolving so much and changing so much that even as games change now it may not keep up with what we expect. Growing up with that constant evolution and change may set an unreasonable example for some. Due to that we should just learn that opinions come in all shapes and sizes and no one is really right or wrong.

This is totally cool and true - wasn't meaning to say "not true!" just that I didn't fall in line with his general feelings. I grew up with games and witnessed the changes first hand but for me I just feel that massive changes are still happening today. I appreciate that most aren't as in your face as they were in the past, but I'm still super excited by what people call small things.

As far as Destiny goes.. I'm not sure this feeling Danny is describing is why that game is being received the way it is. He's talked about these feelings (old gamers) before on The Point and I think he's coming to terms with himself in a lot of ways rather than really catching the vibe right now.

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@hailinel said:

I wish there was a journalist out there that wrote about why fans of Final Fantasy also like XIII. It's like the professional outlets really only care about one viewpoint when it comes to that game.

Without sounding lame and cynical, isn't this kind of the problem with games media? We tend to only get one perspective in so many places. In the world we live in popular consensus = fact. Here are some famous ones:

- FFXIII sucks

- Destiny is a dissapointment

- Quiet is an inappropriate female character

- Dynasty Warriors games are junk

- Swery's games are "so weird" but "not good"

- Call of Duty is cannibalizing itself

It goes on and on.

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Do games comes down the pike? I always thought the saying was "down the pipe" @patrickklepek! I could google the truth to find out but oh well.

Thanks pk!

Edit: I keep mulling over Chris Plante's tweet and it keeps rubbing me the wrong way! Does he think that most people who get hacked "deserve it"? In the least aggressive way I want to say that there is 0 special about Mr. Plante. People on the internet get hacked, and it's not because you really deserve it or not, it's because someone wants to fuck with you. I'm thinking about it way too much but it just comes across weird and a little self indulgent/woe is me in a world where everyone and their dog gets hacked. Patrick still gets shit from people and I never see him tweet "this is the thanks I get for talking to you about games? sheeesh!"

Meanwhile, the Kamiya video is grreat.

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I'll just never agree with that general sentiment. Games have tremendous, tremendous potential for innovation and growth on all fronts (graphical and otherwise) and I feel that this is exhibited every passing year. No, we aren't moving from 2D to 3D but that doesn't mean we aren't progressing by leaps and bounds.

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I watch Bollywood somewhat regularly ever since seeing Lagan some tears ago.

The sense of humour in these movies is something I think many cultures could borrow from. Bollywood wants to make you laugh, cry and have fun, and it's really not too conscerned with hoity toity themes. Still, they can be quite educational and emotional. Plus, dancing. Lots of dancing.

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My dream licensed game has and always will be Sandman Mystery Theater. As for who would do it? No clue.