So many games, so little time!

So after finishing Dragon Age Origins right as school started, I managed to make it through Mass Effect and got about 10 hours into Mass Effect 2 before I became way too involved in school work and other things. I do have some free time, but I have actually been watching some anime in that free time instead of playing games.
This weekend I intend to put something up here. Either one of my random though blog's I've been planning or possibly my reaction's to Dragon Age or the original Mass Effect. I also have to finish up my Collection List on here.
Maybe I can get in a little more General Knoxx Borderlands before bed.

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Killzone 2, ehhh

So I received my copy of Killzone 2 today via GameFly. I pop it in and jump into some multiplayer. The game looks great, I'm digging the changing match types and 16 vs 16. My only problem (and it is a big one) is the controls. Now I'm used to playing FPSs on Xbox 360 so already I wasn't feeling comfortable with playing one on my PS3. I tried most of the controller setups. I think I went with Alternate 1, which puts aim on L1 and melee on R3. I really wanted a Call of Duty setup, which would have put melee on circle and crouch on R3.

Anyways, I played for a few hours, ranked up a little. Keep saying to myself, I wish this played more like Call of Duty and I wish I was using my 360 controller. So I took the game out, put in World at War and had fun.
I'll give it another try. I guess I just need to get used to the controls. I'll probably just stick to FPSs on 360 though, the Dualshock 3 just isn't to my liking for a shooter.