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oh lord ive scanned google and cant find it. i figured given this is the mass effect 2 board it'd be the right place to ask
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i saw a picture of wrex a long time ago and cant seem to find it. if anyone has a copy of know where it is i'll gladly be your slave for a day. 
what it was was a black and white picture that looked like it was drawn in mspaint. it was a 2 panel comic strip. 1st panel was a female shepard saying, "wrex." 2nd panel was him screaming WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!?!? 
the look on his face was absolutely priceless and i would gladly sell my own body to see it again.
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i'll admit i always tweak my female shepard to suit my tastes but i always use the default male shepard. i just find that he animates better and suits the voice in my opinion. anyone else feel the same?
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i wonder if they read the forums when i see stuff like this
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dude fuck off. you waltz in here all holier than thou and offer no real solution besides a snide remark of "don't watch", then try to flip it around and make it seem like its our fault for disagreeing with your obviously impreccable opinion. christ the forums seem to be full of your kind nowadays.
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just thought i'd push this up to share the beardness
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thanks for contributing!
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@MajorToms said:
" @ryanwho: haha I think you totally missed the  point of what I was saying. I was already playing through the Batman: Arkham Asylum, about 90% done with out collecting everything.. the video my friend showed me had a clip from every game they were nominating for GOTY, and the ONE clip of the Batman game happened to be a huge spoiler, espicially for someone that far into the game. I had no idea the game I was playing was going to be in this video when he showed it to me. Furthermore, I had no idea a video game website could be that fucking careless with their clip selections.    Don't say "Don't watch videos" because the arguement is useless. You're basically going against the thread topic for the sake of being different. Of course I could not watch videos and generally, outside of giantbomb, I don't watch many video game videos for this very reason. "

thank you for seeing the light!
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if i could close this thread i would but alas this isnt gamefaqs. still im kinda amused this has blown up to such proportions.
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i'll now admit the bioshock 2 one wasnt as bad as i thought but they do this all too often. though as the likes of ryanwho would have you believe its your fault for watching it and they're justified in putting this content in their reviews.