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Warlock - because he's a wizard

@corruptedevil said:

@hh: The Glide the Warlock has is way more versatile than the double jump, you can even shoot while doing it.

I'll second that. Having played a little as a hunter and maining all the way to lv 8 with the warlock, I'd say you have way more mobility with the latter. Tapping the jump button in succession allows for a sort of super glide jump. It basically let you fly around the map, whereas the double jump feels less effective comparatively in that respect.

fair enough, but is there any indication yet of whether the upgrade paths let you enhance these particular skills at higher levels?

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probably hunter cos i always lean towards mobility, i like to avoid getting hit if i can, and the double jump sounds like my best option, is that safe to say? i haven't played it yet.

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nada. i'm going through one of those can't be bothered phases.

i am tempted to stick the ps4 on the credit card and worry about it later, but wolfenstein won't sustain me for more than a week, and then i'll be back to this, waiting for destiny/dragon age.

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the whole peter dinklage thing, i havent heard enough to judge for myself about the performance, but the decision to use him seems far too motivated by trendiness, but then this whole voice acting thing is out of control in general, paying buckets extra for stars that lend characters a trivial novelty value more often than individuality.

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  • Destiny
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Fable Legends

possibly the Middle Earth thing

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1. let players design their own character

2. equip npcs with relevant racial or sexist slurs to throw at player

3. equip player with a gun

4. everyone's happy

i think all this focus on writing good game characters is only useful up to a point, because unlike any other medium my feelings, my input will supersede anything the 'artist' has to say, and that's where the greater focus should be - in providing me with characters to bounce off, rather than inhabit.

and by far the best writing that's been done in games thus far IMO, more game-suitable than even Last of Us, is all that background banter from the gta games. keep that coming, but stuff that's meant to humanize lara croft or whatever, i don't doubt that it can catch up to movies in terms of quality and how natural it sounds, but it just gets undermined to hell when the cut scene ends and you slaughter twenty guys with a big grin on your face. the two things just don't mesh.

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@jesus_phish: i'm in ireland, and that's exactly the practice i've been seeing, but do you have any idea why it is? because they don't think they'll sell them? when you're turning away customers on release day telling them what other stores might have copies it just seems like bad business.

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If money issues don't get in the way i'm probably going to pick up a ps4 + Wolfenstein a week before Destiny comes out, and pre-order Destiny + Dragon Age Inquisition while I'm doing it.

i never usually pre-order but last few times i've tried to get a release day game it's been difficult, and i don't fully understand why - retail ordering less copies because of digital sales? distributors making less physical copies? i mean, why now? it was never an issue before.

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@poisonmonkey: wow, that video answered a bunch of questions i had about the game, and it answered them all correctly, and then it surprised me with a few things. this is looking to be more than the game i was hoping for, cannot wait.

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this is out in a few months. i will be upping the difficulty to nightmare straight away, and if previous first runs are anything to go by, i will spend about eighty hours playing the game, and probably about two hundred just sitting on pause control, taking each fight down to the wire, trying my best to get through them all first time around.

- a character i can create, battles i can savor and execute in any level of detail, and a party strategy i can design from the ground up.

why are these cornerstones of the genre so hard to find these days? if all the new weekend witcher fans insist on making the comparison it has none of the above, and thus holds no interest for me as an rpg fan.