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Am I the only Street Fighter stalwart that hates this game? Don't get me wrong, it's balanced and pretty, but the damned CPU AI is STILL overbearing on the standard difficulty. I'm a goddamned veteran, and it shouldn't TAKE me 20 tries to beat the game with Ken, i.e. my best character. It never did before! I should not have to play a game on easy to win more matches than I lose.



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Heh. All my friends that have seen my stuff are egging me to enter, but I feel...unequipped to take on a challenge of this magnitude.

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I have two video options:

  • A: Take a shitty quality video with my digital camera.
  • B: Hook up my shitty Composite PC recorder, which I will have to reinstall now that my computer has been futzed up, and hope it works.

So I'm not sure either will be terribly satisfactory....but I'll try if you really want, hooded.
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So, an egg of creativity hatched in my brain, so to speak, and the fruits of my labor, I felt, were worth sharing. Thus, in light of some clever fixes, workarounds, and general how-am-I-gonna-pull-this-off wonderment, I give you...*drum roll*:

The Luigimobile
The Question Mark Boxcar
The Birdomobile
The Mariomobile

I've got an undying love for the 8-bit, and playing around in Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, it hit me. I could likely make some neat looking pixel art with the grid-oriented building system. So, thus far, I have created Mario, Luigi, the Question Mark Box, and Birdo. All of them are, in fact, driveable, and three of them have abilities. Mario and Luigi throw grenades for the time being, though once I have access to the flamethrower...well... ^_^

Birdo, on the other hand, fires eggs from his/her mouth. They're not very big, and they don't do much damage, but they're eggs, dammit! The Question Mark Box is one I did quickly for the fun of it.

I've gotten a couple of requests already, so I'll be looking into Battletoads and Bad Dudes next, but we'll see what happens. There are, however, still limitations to what I can do. You can only go about 19 blocks high, 19 blocks wide, and I assume 19 blocks thick, and you may only employ 250 pieces. An 8-bit 16-pixel-by-16-pixel sprite is 256 pixels, and I currently only have 100 grid blocks of light and heavy, so there are some nasty roadblocks, but all in all, I've managed to over come them sufficiently to my satisfaction. ^_^

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. If you really sweet talk me, I might send you the blueprints for the ones you'd like. Just send a PM and we'll work it out or something. Cheers.

Edit: I've produced a new vehicle, one I was anticipating the opportunity to make a great deal. I give you....Balloon Fighter:

The Balloon Fight Flyer
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None of my discs have any circles on them, and they never have before, either. I take excellent care of them, outside of the tray. I also knew early on not to move the unit with a disc in it, as warned by Microsoft. Am I the only one who feels like they've been fairly warned about this from the get-go?

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Go on...

I don't need to. Messiah is doing an apt job of punching holes in your argument.
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That's a pretty wafer-thin argument, GIVEME...

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"...I don't know what they're doing with this goofy dashboard stuff, but apparently it's working."

It's eerie, isn't it? It's so saccharine-sweet, and yet, I can't help but love it. I'm so snagging this when I get home.

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I was wondering myself, but so far, the service is quite nice. I'll be dropping my GameFly rentals by 2 next month, and so that will dovetail nicely with a 2-disc NetFlix subscription for streaming movies. Hell, I've yet to put a single rental disc in my queue, and it'll likely stay that way until I get bored enough to actually rent Kekko Kamen. ^_^

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If I had more money, I'd trade in my current one and couple the proceeds with cash toward getting a new one. Of course, if the refurb I got has HDMI on it, I'd be less inclined to do so by a fair margin. I haven't checked yet.