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@Patriot91 said:
" @iam3green: Was that your first time at a club? "
yeah, it was my first time. drink slowly i say. i actually think it was more a bar. there was a stage that a band was playing on and then they started playing techno and pop music. the drunk people started dancing.
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good job on them. i find it stupid that people would hack to get to 15th prestige. it doesn't mean anything really. it just gets you a new emblem and some cameo.

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o well your going to have to get people to get you drinks if you aren't 21 and don't have a fake ID. 
you should go to one. i went to a bar/ club a couple of weeks ago. it was pretty good. i wouldn't do it every weekend but it was alright. drink and you will figure out how to dance. 4 beers and 2 soco N lime and i was dancing.

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ha, i liked that website it made my day. 
the other week i was playing black ops. somebody asked if i was a girl because i had companion cube and the hearts emblem and title. i said no it's the companion cube and then i got called a fag. it just made my night because of that. i don't care but i thought it was funny. 
a lot of girls are just attention whores online.

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@Claude:  i thought you were jeff for a second. i said wait how come jeff doesn't have staff under his avatar.....
congrats on 10,000 post. it is a big milestone for something like that to happen. i am going to get there in a couple of months i think. the ps2 was a great system. there were a lot of great times playing it.  i never got any of the lord of the rings games but i just remember watching trails for it on TV all the time.
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i am happy that i don't own anything apple. i am thinking about buying a mac in the future for graphics and things. i do know that adobe products also work on PC. i don't really know. i am saying that i am not going to be one of those people that go to starbucks and surf the internet on a mac. i don't know why people like to do that but i think it's stupid for someone to do that. their upgrades are crazy, it's like $150 for another gig of ram. while one gig of ram for PC is $20.

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to get horse to move.

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yeah, i have heard of it. i only saw a clip of it. i don't know what they were talking about but they were drinking a bottle of something on a playground.

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left 4 dead 1, i bought it when it came out not expecting something good. it was actually good. i got the second one on PC and thought it was so much better. i am waiting for left 4 dead 1 to go on sale to get it on steam. i ended up letting my friend borrow it so i never got to see it again.

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meh o well. i don't use bing at all. o well, i'm not surprised microsoft steals ideas all the time. the mii's say hi to the avatars.