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Im actually kinda interested in this. I hope they keep it true to the original, same layouts, weapon stats, enemies, etc.

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I absolutely love this album! But Kanye does play the black card too much. Its getting a bit old.

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I remember the 07 hell week, so much money was spent, mass effect, cod4, rock band. I was a freshman in college too, so my grades died to.

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Ya, cultural victory is a waste of time.

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Fallout 3
San Andreas

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Controversial Opinions, huh?
-Rockstar doesn't make great games (with the exception of Red Dead) they just generate a lot of buzz being edgy, while that is commendable, their games are NOT fun to play.
-Without the twist, Bioshock is kinda boring.
-Majora's Mask is a significantly better game than Ocarina of Time
-The gameplay in Mass Effect 2 isn't fun, that game just has excellent storytelling and character development so we suffer through it.
-Bethesda RPGs are the pinnacle of game design this generation, no one does what they do or even tries. People get mad about all the bugs and glitches but that's just PROGRESS!

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Its kinda sad, im not a smoker myself, hell i dont even drink, but I don't see any reason pot is illegal, a pot smoker and going to smoke just like drinkers did during the prohibition. All this is doing is putting money into the drug dealers and criminals hands. Its just silly.