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@rorie: I'm pretty sure our problems with the chat are unrelated cause my disconnects happen constantly, you could set a clock to it.

Yeah I'm using chrome, what would loading the page in incognito do though? The page does load successfully after the 10 second freeze.

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@thegoldencat7: I don't think it's the site's fault because it happens on other streaming websites eg cytube

unrelated: since the site update sometimes the giantbomb main page stalls my whole computer for 10~ seconds untill it loads and makes a weird "beep" noise, you get that?

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This doesnt only happen on giantbomb but every single live streaming website with chat. Every minute or so i lose connection only to be welcomed to chat again 20 seconds later and on it goes.

Is it a problem with my firewall? The video streams fine and my internets doesnt go out, only the chat is affected

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@zanzibarbreeze: Is the bound to fall in love one the song "bound 2" or are you using the original ponderosa twins "bound" song?

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she should watch irreversible

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she should watch irreversible

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The Mouz vs Fnatic game? That was all sorts of awesome, scared it was going to accidentally handicap one team D:

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Just saw the grown ups 2 trailer today and thought it didn't look bad.

I'm scared that if I saw the first one I'd like it... (Background information I love JCVD and love "story of ricky")

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It's a childhood fantasy come to life, so good. I could feel myself almost moving to copy the robot's actions

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Jay Z's beginning and end was the song "Big Pimpin" fuck everything else including jay z himself