Well Executed Game Covers

As I have acknowledged the darker side of gaming, I feel it's fitting to show some rather well done covers, too.

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Posted by MetalGearSunny

I always wondered why the dude on the Rock Band 2 cover was wearing a girl shirt.

Posted by JackiJinx
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Because that's a girl. There are tits in that shirt, fella.
Posted by MetalGearSunny
@JackiJinx: What? No, there is a fucking facial hair on that chin!
Posted by JackiJinx
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: And yet the tits remain. Must be a hermaphrodite.
Posted by MetalGearSunny
@JackiJinx: It must be, but why would they have a hermaphrodite on a game cover to begin with? It makes people like me get confused.
Posted by MCXCI

By well executed do you just mean Game Covers that you ike?

Posted by JackiJinx
@Pato: Although that is partially true, this list is meant to look at these covers from a marketing perspective.
Posted by Zabant

Awsome, you should so a list of the worst covers.
my vote for the NO.1 spot goes to Super Bust-a-Move

Posted by JackiJinx
Posted by GunstarRed

the  european covers of Katamari forever and MGS3 are better if you ask me.
Box Art (UK)
One thats not on your list that I think is much, much better than the european cover is the US  R&C tools of destruction one.
Posted by Synthballs

Awesome list. Although, Where is the INFamous?

Posted by Pet_Assassin

Are you effin' kiddin' me? The Orange Box has a terrible cover.

Posted by Naughton

At least MadWorld did something well.

Posted by Vigorousjammer
@Pet_Assassin said:
" Are you effin' kiddin' me? The Orange Box has a terrible cover. "
Posted by Fallen189

I believe you are missing the Godhand art :)

Posted by 1337W422102

The European Resident Evil 4 boxart is god-tier.