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I don't really care what he looks like.

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Valiant Hearts

The Journal

Wolf Among Us

The Walking Dead S2

Dark Souls 2

Madden (YES I said Madden!)

Infamous Second Son

1001 Spikes

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He won't like that game no matter how or when he plays it. For the most part Jeff is pretty reasonable and gives things a fair shot. But every once in a while he doesn't. Horror games seems to be one of those genres that he won't give much of a chance.

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Or, Mass Effect.

...I really like Anachronox though.

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Working as a product assembler for a home improvement store. One day could involve building the same product (barbecue, gazebo, picnic table, etc.), and I mean the exact same product not even the same category of product (which was dull enough), for 8-10 hours. One week I built one model of barbecue for five days straight for 8 hours each day. One barbecue took about a half hour to complete. So I ended up building around 80 of the exact same barbecue. It was mind numbing.

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All this is telling me is that not enough people are working. If they are, their jobs aren't hard enough.

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Any form of internet bullying leaves me with this thought; there are a lot of people who live meaningless, worthless lives.

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This game can't win can it? It's a bit silly to me to compare this game, that has been in development for so long, to a crisis situation that is relatively new.

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Eventually I'll finish it. But I need more than the mechanics I think and I find everything about the writing, characters, and atmosphere bland.