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All this is telling me is that not enough people are working. If they are, their jobs aren't hard enough.

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Any form of internet bullying leaves me with this thought; there are a lot of people who live meaningless, worthless lives.

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This game can't win can it? It's a bit silly to me to compare this game, that has been in development for so long, to a crisis situation that is relatively new.

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Eventually I'll finish it. But I need more than the mechanics I think and I find everything about the writing, characters, and atmosphere bland.

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Editors or other people of note who point out and complain about comment sections are often making the problem worse because they are glorifying the bad behavior.

Meaningful discussion from individuals on differing sides of an issue cannot happen online. Even at its best, conversations and articles essentially amount to pointing fingers at one another and then someone somewhere saying 'do better' as if the person hearing that message would respond with 'ok!'.

On that note, these articles seem mostly to be designed for preaching to the converted because, to the unconverted, it sounds real accusatory. There are exceptions, but that there are exceptions sot of proves the point.

I love that Dan and Jason work at this site. I think they are a great fit. But, in light of articles, interviews, and podcasts on issues like sexism and misogyny, not all only involving Patrick mind you, GB looked pretty damn hypocritical for hiring them. Again, I like the guys, but still very hypocritical.

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The NCAA is the big organization that oversees all college sports in the US. They, along with colleges, have broken up schools by region and size. So in college football, for example, a big university most often play other big universities located in the same general area of the country.

For all sports there's some end game, such as tournaments and championship games, that teams compete to enter during their regular season. Schools make money off sports through ticket sales during these games, merchandise sales, donations, and if they enter the 'end game' games they get a big pool of money that they split up among the other schools in their region (and even more money if they win that game).

E-sports as of now, at the collegiate level, doesn't have anything like that.

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Maybe. But there could be an ethical problem there. It's my understanding that e-sports teams get all the money from prizes and whomever owns the team doesn't. The owner makes money on sales of their actual product or see the team as advertising to increase sales elsewhere. The school probably can't take any money from the prize pool and, unless they hold an event themselves, they probably won't make money directly from the sport itself. Maybe if they sell merchandise?

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I wonder where the money is coming from. Also schools usually give scholarships because of what those students can offer the school (either recognition, research, prestige through academic scholarships or money, prestige with athletic scholarships). There's no system set up, like the NCAA, to allow for a revenue flow. So I suppose recognition and prestige? Maybe they think that the cost to pay for these scholarships, wherever the money is from, is a small hit to take if it leads to an increase in new freshmen and grants/donations from new sources.

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The problem is that there are good intentions on both sides that are muddled by a lot of bad behavior. I can't imagine the cops want anything then for all of this to stop and for peace to come back. I imagine most protesters want to feel equally protected by authorities and for justice to be had for the kid that was shot. But the people in charge of the cops are making terrible decisions and making some very loud, few officers, under the rule of bad leaders, are acting in a way unbecoming of an officer. Protesters have within their groups have very loud, few deviants who likely don't give two fucks what the protests is about they just want to take advantage of chaos to act insane.

From what I've seen from media outlets and normal citizens on twitter few people seem to look at this with any nuance. There's such a black and white mentality to this problem that it almost makes it meaningless to add to the conversation.

Which makes me wonder why I'm writing this. I'm caught in a paradox!

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Transistor. It looks really nice and the music is great. But I just can't get into it. The characters and story has been bland so far and I don't care at all about the fighting system. Which is disappointing because I loved Bastion.