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That fucking sucks. That game is Goddamn glorious.

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I have a few psychology ones from school. These came from my undergrad and grad school and I've been out of grad school for about 2-3 years now so these might not be true anymore. That said...

-We still don't know how Asprin works.

-We also don't know, for certain, why we sleep and dream. We just have models and theories.

-No one can literally live in the present, strictly speaking. This is because of how signals are sent through our brains. There's always a delay before we are aware of something happening. This delay is in milliseconds. But still.

-Nearly every diagnosis that can be given, with the DSM-V, has 'difficulty concentrating' as a symptom. Which makes diagnosing ADHD a bit difficult. In fact, there's so much symptom overlap and so many diagnoses that one client could be given wildly different diagnoses by different clinicians.

-I believe the last predicted number of neurons in the average brain was 300 billion.

-Your body runs on electricity...kinda. In order for your neurons to release neurotransmitters, they need to reach a certain electrical charge. When I was in school, the charge was between -70 to -80 millivolts.

-Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is believed to be involved with mood. It's thought that if you have too little serotonin you become depressed. But, oddly, if you have too much serotonin you can become psychotic. If you have way too much serotonin you can develop 'serotonin syndrome' and die.

-Freud was one of the first people to study the effects of war on soldiers (after WW1). In fact, Freud has gotten a bit of an unfair rep considering how much people steal from him (often without giving him much credit). Transference and countertransference, projection, the idea that childhood experiences could effect adults, the therapeutic relationship, splitting. All Freud's doing.

-You have a blind spot. Your brain fills in that spot for you.

-Reflexes, such as pulling your hand back away from something that's hot, doesn't require your brain's input. A reflex response sends a signal which travels from the effected area, to the spine and here it splits. One signal travels up to your brain so that you're aware you are hurt. The second signal stops at the spine and a new signal is sent to the effected area so that it can react more quickly. If your body had to wait for your brain to respond you would be in the hurtful situation even longer. So your body, specifically your spine, has evolved to take over this function. So in essence your body has the ability to think without your brain's approval.

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I watched this earlier. That game looks so good.

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I thought it was fantastic. And I promise it'll sell for $20-25. What an incredibly insane, hilarious thing to do.

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Well, apparently Jim Sterling and I feel the same way about Sonic games. 1-4 and CD are on another level that the handheld games come close to. I liked Advebture 1 and 2 when they came out but not now. And of the newer games I disliked the 2006 (?) game and unleashed, thought the Secret Rings and Colors games for the Wii were ok (3/5), and that Generations was legitimately really good (4/5).

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Sexiness isn't necessarily sexist. That's the most pertinent point I'm trying to make.

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Maybe they just don't care. Or they don't see a problem with it. Sexiness in and of itself isn't inherently bad or sexist. When a character only exists in order to be sexy then that character is being objectified, at least to me. Then that character's only purpose is to be a sex object. But there's more to Bayonetta's character then that. So, yes, Bayonetta is meant to be sexy. But she's more than just that concept.

People can call this into question but I don't think this is simply a black and white issue. And if they aren't bothered by it then they shouldn't feel forced into discussing it.