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What I didn't like was that they brought up those topics and did nothing with them.

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I use the BBC app on my phone. Also twitter for informing me on big events though I don't consider twitter a good source for learning facts. 27 male.

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As a former football player and wrestler I imagine you'd hate me. Except that we share a hobby, probably have similar tastes, and I imagine at the least you'd find something positive about me being a mental health therapist (which involved me being in college for a long time).

So maybe not all athletes are 'steroid monkeys' that should be kept out of college. It is silly to idolize someone simply because of their job. But it's also silly to loathe someone because of their job. Not all athletes are the same.

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Take it from me, we can't stop people from making bad decisions. And these stories are widely publicized because they are public figures. But hundreds of crimes happen all the time. Go to Google and look up you're area's jail registry. Have fun. In my county, in the last 72 hours, there have been 191 registered jail bookings. In Seattle alone there have been 104 bookings in the last 24 hours. The real question to ask is how do we stop crimes from happening. Have fun with that.

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That's a really good attach rate. That will make publishers happy.

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I guess my brain equates a 10-point review scale to grades in the US. So a 7 is a C and passing. A 6.5 would be a D+ then. But I suppose I'm assuming something so I appologize. But I said what I said because coming into this thread I knew they would be the low score and lo and behold I was right. I don't think it's a good thing I can make that prediction.

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Polygon reviewers kind of remind me of that person who can't like something unless it's extraordinary. You guys should look up the psychology term 'splitting'. Polygon reviews are the personification of splitting.

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Dear Zachary got to me. Holy shit that movie is a hard movie to watch.

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Like a champ!