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While reviewing games certainly has its challenges, comparing two games that have next to nothing in common is actually much harder. These apples-to-oranges moments forced me to really consider things like "is a weird portable rhythm game better or worse than a simulation-styled driving game." Normally, the answer I give people is that the games are too different to compare. I still feel like that's totally correct, but it also sort of feels like the easy way out. That's part of why I really liked having everyone come up with their own ranked list. It forced me to think about games in a different way and throw out the way we normally analyze games in favor of how I actually feel. 
At one point, this list had over 20 games on it. I think the last three to get cut were Dragon Age: Origins, Shatter, and Killzone 2. Obviously, all three are great games. But none of them absolutely demanded to be on this list the way that the ten games below did. Have a good rest of 2009, unless you live somewhere where it's already 2010, in which case I hope living in space and fighting off the endless alien horde is treating you well.

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Posted by THE_END

Wow you put borderlands higher on your list than almost everyone on this site probably.  Don't get me wrong I absolutely agree that Borderlands is an amazing experience for all gamers.  I don't even like FPS games.........but I freaking love Borderlands!  Infact, I'm still playing it on a regular basis.

Posted by Nemesis

Awesome list. Nice to see you didn't cave into the pretentious assholes on this site.

Posted by ThePwnee

Damn, Borderlands for me was a huge disappointment. I had been following it since it was first announced, and I was super stoked, I pre-ordered it and everything. However, I just didn't feel that it delivered. A bajillion guns my ass, all that shit was the same. I dunno, I probably shouldn't have started with soldier, or maybe spent more time grinding, but I'm glad I sold this, along with Modern Warfare 2, for $50 at Gamestop towards a better game.

Posted by bennym6

2009 was the best year

Posted by skuski

Am I crazy or is #4 missing?