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The video gaming world's favourite uncle. Rest In Peace, Mr Iwata. Thanks for everything. You will be remembered as a Titan.

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Well, first, get the hell out of here, because robots are incredible

Hahaha...oh Austin. I like you.

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Who'd have thought five years ago we'd be going into E3 2015 saying "god damn I'm sick of all these damn VR headsets"

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This still happens to me on the latest version of Chrome for Windows, and the latest version of Safari for iOS (iPad). It's not every time, but when it happens it keeps happening usually until either a reload or a new tab

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How the fuck is this still not fixed? It's Halo. Can you imagine if Nintendo released a broken Mario game? Or if Sony put out a busted Naughty Dog game? Microsoft has ONE job: make it so you can play Halo. Everything beyond that on Xbox is gravy, just like Mario or Zelda on Nintendo or whatever Naughty Dog is doing on PlayStation.

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It doesn't matter, I played it. I already know it's a mess. I don't need to be told. Unlike Destiny it's not an example of a great game let down by baffling design decisions on ancillary systems and a surprising lack of willingness to implement a couple of extra modes to provide more variety. Destiny is a good game with some very disappointing flaws. The Crew is just a bad game. One example: the handling. Cars in The Crew handle like shopping trolleys with bowling balls in them. When the handling of your driving game is no fun, it pretty much doesn't matter if the rest of it is any good (And there's more than a few reasons I'd say the rest of it is only marginally better if at all).

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I'm surprised by this. Microsoft's network stuff is usually rock solid. I knew MCC would be more complex than usual, but damn, it must be even more of an engineering headache than I thought.

Meanwhile, I don't know what the hell the deal with Driveclub is. That's just silly.

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I fundamentally agree with everything Jeff said. This whole thing has left me nothing but bemused and the idea of engaging with it just makes me want to crawl into a hole. There's no positive outcome to be gained from it, it'd just be howling into the void. There is so much in the world that is painful and unpleasant, I absolutely do not understand why people feel the need to create more out of things - like games - that are meant to be a source of relief from all that. They say you have to be the change you want to see in the world. I'm going to do that, instead of arguing fruitlessly about it. So, it's back to snarking about weasel words in PR language on Twitter for me!

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This launch is going about as horrendously as the Destiny launch was expected to (but didn't). Utterly baffling.

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@crash_happy: Right, so if we're already members of the right groups then for the time being we don't need to do anything yet, correct?