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Really great news, big congratulations to both John and PlayStation.

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I think you're misunderstanding why people pre-order games these days, Patrick. It has little to do with potential scarcity, except in the case of Special Editions like Destiny's Ghost Edition, and more to do with convenience. If you know you want the game, pre-ordering it means it can arriver at your house on launch day or be waiting for you to pick up from the store on your way to or from work if you prefer it that way. People do the same thing with books and movies.

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Request sent, under the name TVPaulD

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Hey guys, Paul here. This should clue you in to which one I am:

Really great time hanging out with you duders, definitely think we should do it again soon. If for no other reason than that I need to avenge my narrow Cards Against Humanity defeat by Matt.

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Thanks Ryan. Forever Tuesday.

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Quick, @danryckert, where do you stand on the central and most important debate on Giant Bomb:

Hamburger: sandwich, or not a sandwich?

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@sparky_buzzsaw: man, if they are in the no camp I am just gonna lose my shit. The campaign to exclude the noble Hamburger from the Mighty House of Sandwich must end!

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More importantly, we should all be using the mental capacity this drama is wasting to remember the duder in the sky, the magnificent Ryan Davis. Forever Tuesday.

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Congratulations to Dan and Jason, looking forward to Giant Bomb SF being able to produce a steady stream of content without depriving Jeff, Brad and Drew of sleep. For those who missed out or are disappointed...The Giant Bomb expansion has just begun, there will be other chances. In the meantime, consider supplementing Giant Bomb with our friends at GameSpot, that's what I do. It's all one big happy family, guys. To those of you resorting to hate speech, regardless of your opinion, there are plenty of cesspools on the internet for you to crawl into, consider spending your time there. But before you do...Try growing up. I'd also like to thank the Mods for their hard work dealing with the fires that have been breaking out. Congratulations to Dan and Jason again.

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I LOVE the Borderlands games and I played both of them exclusively (because of platform choices, though I'd have played through them at least once solo anyway) solo as Roland and Axton, so I think it's less a case of needing to play them in coop for them to be good than it is a matter of what works for you. I love the loot, the hit points popping off the enemies as you hit them, the buffs, the class mods, the status effects and the abilities enough to power through some of the less solo-balanced parts of the game. Others probably don't.