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What a ridiculous question. They did work, they should be paid for their work. This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

Not to mention that they are entitled to pursue the dream of living of of their craft. Drawing, writing can also be professions. And with their independence secure they can hone their skills and perfect their vision.

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I'd say Fable 3. Fable is a great franchise, if you approach it looking for a funny and whimsical fantasy rpg filled with british humour, and Fable 3 is a good example of that, also with a good story, good locales, and also one great DLC - Traitor's Keep.

Alan Wake is great. A lesser great but still interesting game is the indie Alan Wake: American Nightmare.

As indies you could also check out State of Decay.

If you like jrpgs you have also Lost Odyssey, with a turn based battle system, or Infinite Undiscovery with a active battle system. Both are good games.

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It's a matter of personal preference. I myself generally favour stuff like story, characters, setting and world building over gameplay. But I can certainly appreciate the other approach as well. They each have their place.

I feel the same way. I like Duke Nukem 3D, I also like Duke Nukem Forever, and Bulletstorm, but I prefer Bioshock Infinite. I love its scale and world building.

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I also liked Watchdogs, but it really felt underwhelming, especially in the story. Most AAA companies seem like they can't really create a good story and apply it competently without generating jarring ludonarrative dissonance.

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@ezekiel: there are a host of ps1 games that would argue with you

Nope. I thought most PS1 games were ugly even in the 90s. People were blind.

I agree. That's why I skipped that generation altogether.

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Persona 3 FES, especially the The Answer chapter.

Metal Gear Rising.

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Mortal Kombat III, Ultimate and Trilogy.

Resident Evil 0

The rain, the glasses bouncing over the tables, the lighting effects... it's still one of the most beautiful Resident Evil games, and arguably the best looking survival horror Resident Evil.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Good 3D graphics plus a quirky artstyle went a long way to make this game still good visually.

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None now. I spend a good chunk of time dealing with addiction, and now I am can control my gaming habits well.

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Yeah! Awesome! Good luck man with your new job.

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I don't get it, aside from the technical issues, what's wrong with this remake? I loved Fable 1 and was planning on buying this at some point. Please don't tell me they went in a messed with the game mechanics or something.

There are a lot of technical issues that infect every part of the game. Also other than it looking prettier they haven't added any new content. Unless you really truly can't deal with how OG Xbox games look there's no reason to get the Anniversary Edition.

Or you're in Europe...