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So you stop gaming just because its hot? Have you guys never heard of fans?

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Wake me up when they bring back split-screen.

Somehow this seems important...

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Nice post I am loving whiskey as well, but I just have to ask are you wearing a dark spiderman suit on that picture?

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Mine is spacestation, combine that with my actuall name makes: Hms Spacestation.

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The links lead to some youtube video..

Also,I love Borderlands, so I want it everywhere I go. So yes, I would like Borderlands 2 on my Vita with Transfarring.

Oh wow thanks for the heads up fixed it.

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So today I was doing what I do from time to time, strolling around reddit, when I stumbled upon this very interesting thread. According to that guy gearbox is actually up for putting borderlands 2 on the vita but surprise surprise they need some help from the guys with the money. So if you happen to have some spare time on your hands and care for getting borderlands 2 on the vita be a gentleman and let the big guys know by sending them an email (how to can be found in the reddit thread) it might not work but heck if we don't try we will never know.

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Like half of this guys uploads, mostly because the stuff he finds that isn't pure wobbles is just great. But out of all tracks this would right now be my favorite it is just very nice in combining smooth wobbles with great vocals and some nice pianos as well.

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@Raven10 said:

I'm not super familiar with your CPU, but I have an old first gen Core i7 and it has never caused a bottle neck for me. Your CPU is quad core and runs at a pretty fast clock speed so while you might seen some minor improvements, I wouldn't expect major framerate increases from that. Finally, a SSD will give you a big boost in load times, but again, won't effect framerate.

Ahem, we are long past the days that clockspeeds determine how well a cpu can perform. As this link will show you an 2500k clocked at 3.3GHz is almost twice as good as the op's cpu without overclocks. So saying his fps won't go up by getting a new cpu is wrong better yet his framerates would greatly improve from a new cpu.

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Here is what I would do: refund your 580 cause that thing is totall overkill, get an i5 2500k plus new mobo and ram, buy a temporary crappy card until nvidias new cards drop in april or just buy a gtx 570 instead. Cause unless you play at resolutions above 1080p this build will give you way better result than your current one. Did I also already mention that a 600 dollar 580 is ridicules?

Also an ssd is nice for windows boot up times and reducing load times but will not give you better frames at all so that is not "needed" for what you want to achieve.

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@n11n12 said:

The Battle for Wesnoth.

Fantasy themed turn based strategy game. Easy to learn, not overly complicated, but often brutal and unforgiving. Hundreds of hours of content.

I second this. Wesnoth is an excellent title and probably has more content than Skyrim and Fallout NV put together.

I third this, used to play it all the time as a kid before I had money, a windows pc and graphical power to play more common games. It even has some fun multiplayer modes and there is also an ios and android version these days.