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@AlwaysAngry said:
" Again...   Blue nicks - "The 360 controller is too bulky."   Green nicks - "The PS3 controller is too small."  /tread. "
Was just thinking about the same :)
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Well the in-game help is not really intuitive so any extra info regarding all the stats/mods is surely good.

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I am half Finnish so kind of have to hyped heh
Glad to see after all this time that game is finally released and it's getting decent reviews as well.

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I am racing fan but neither of these games  sound attracting for me.

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Software engineer for major IT company

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Killer7 is one strange game, but you probably know this. Haven't really gotten into it yet but soon I guess. Mother 3 is on my wishlist as well. In fact all the Mother games. Prefer playing such games on their original platform always.

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Game's I've been playing this week: 
Infinite Space 
Finished this finally and got a quick review up. Enjoyed this really a lot. Ending sucked though.  
After Burner Climax 
Some random sessions of this. Got review coming up soon. 
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 
Started this Friday evening and finished day later. Been a while since I played anything for so long in one go. Really enjoyed this as well, except for the daft monsters sections. That felt totally out of place. 
Lord of Ultima  
If this can be counted as gaming. Just logging in and adding buildings to build queue.  
Game Room 
 Been demoing some random games and bought Shaolin-Lin's Road . Will blog about Game Room later on. 
Wanted to start a PS/PS2 game and when looking at my games collection this jumped right at me. Played through the first boss. Really bizarre game. 
New purchases. 
Only Shaolin-Lin's Road for Game Room. 

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Football, or soccer for you US ppl. I enjoy darts and snooker occasionally as well

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Something faster please