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I'm gonna send everyone here aside from UberExplodey an add (as I already have him on my friends list). GT: Kandyman2029. I have a group I usually play with, but more often then not, I play solo when they aren't online, so I'm looking for people to fill the gap and may get a better team pieced together.

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@Toxeia: Only because the original team isn't working on the game and the entire game feels like a lame conversion to the WoW system. Flame away, and yes, yes I do.

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Regardless of the last two answers, (they're on the right track) Just play the first two. Guaranteed they're better than the half-assed attempt of any story Diablo III can ever hope for.

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Japanese devs really don't get the whole DLC thing. Yeah, before I'm flamed, some do. But for the most part, DLC has been a nightmare all around, but DLC for Japanese games has been horrible. Though, we all know how bad unlocking "true" endings in JP games has been lately.

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Vinny has the muscles, but I'm sure Drew has the brains. It's a tough call.

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Damn........ You have my sympathy, Claude. I'm sorry, man. You're definitely in my thoughts, and, for whatever it's worth, if you need anything, don't hesitate to PM me.

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To start this off, I'm not sure if anyone else has posted a topic about this before, and I've already finished the game (with obvious ease). So, I have to have to ask you duders, for those that have played the X360 version of The Assassins of Kings, has anyone else encountered a glitch to where when playing, if you're knocked down to zero percent health, and should die instantly in the smallest hit, you've lived and can continue on whilst being reckless and advancing through combat without the slightest care in the world? I played on hard mode and breezed through combat, yet I found myself awaiting death, yet survived every encounter with zero health and could not die during every encounter.

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Congrats, man. I envy you.

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Kinda.. I used to be heavily into Flash animation and web comics in high school, so I made a few things involving my ex.. as awesome as they were at the time, they suck hard now, and don't mean much, considering we just got back into contact recently and things have been interesting.