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Until he shaves his eyebrows off, like the guy from The Wall, I will not care. ;)

But in truth I would put this guy in police custody just for our protection.

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Well I guess if I was really desperate I could import it from Japan and download a copy of the fansubbed script for the game.

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I got the first installment and it was pretty good I gotta say. Second part needs more Vinny, though.

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Dumb question, but what flavor is that slushee?

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On the new podcast from the Giant Bomb guys they talk about Crocs slip on sandals and how they are probably the dumbest form of footwear around. I for one have to agree. If you look at the shoes and how they are built they seem like they are one step above from those plastic mold shoes that you can buy at Target or Payless for $4.99 for kids, so the construction does not seem that good and they just look "cheap". Also I would think with the shoes being made of rubber or plastic they would make the bottom of the foot feel real sticky from persperation after a while. So does anyone have a differing opinion of these shoes or are they the root of all evil?

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This is truly cool news. Makes me really think about buying it for the PS3.

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yeah I plan to leave my bittorrent client running after the file finishes downloading, too. (at least for a while any way).

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Definitely. I check my bittorrent program at least one a day and it varies from one to two weeks on my cable modem connection with nothing else being downloaded. I really want to play this game, but I am getting concerned that the beta might be over by the time the file downloads.

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yeah I did, too.

problem I am having is that the bittorrent file they have you download is taking way too long. right now mine client says it will take 4 weeks to download on a cable modem connection with nothing else being downloaded.

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Until they make the Black Guard class available I plan on running a White Lion. I think they are doing something different from the normal beast master class.