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Omg the crack about the diner car at the end is absurd.

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 @MarkWahlberg said:
" @jukezypoo said:
" @MarkWahlberg said:


I am confused. Both sexually and psychologically.  
So am I. But I think we can figure this out. Together. "
Where did this photo come from?
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closest i'll ever come

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@divisionbyzorro said:
" If the rules preclude "Don't Shit Your Pants" from appearing, the rules are bad. "
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I just started getting into BC2 over the past month and am loving it.  
I've leveled up pretty far in the last few weeks, but was shocked to see - after playing a few matches - that all of the stats on my stats page were reset!  Is this a common bug that crops up when DICE rolls out updates?  Will my stats come back? 
I haven't been around for any of the other updates, so I'm just wondering if it's happened before.

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Could you somehow redstone up a minecart to take water uphill in some kind of crazy loop?

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@Shadowsquire said:
" I had gotten attacked in one of the caverns I was exploring. Went back home and realized I didn't have any food to heal myself. So I went out searching for a pig. It was close to night but I figured I would be fine. I searched for a good 5 minutes and ended up getting taken down to half a heart by a skeleton. I ran home trying my damnedest to avoid monsters. When I got back, what did I find jumping around in my house? A fucking pig. Sonofa bitch. "
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@Castro said:
Also, I think that skeletons are my least favorite enemy. The creepers are bad, but if you see them in time, you can take them out pretty easily. I haven't had too many problems with spiders either. The skeletons are the ones that can really wreck your shit. Actually, they can all wreck your shit, but the skeletons have the ranged attacks and I've been knocked off of ledges and into creepers a few times. Be careful out there duders! "  
 Yeah skeletons can be killer.  My house has a rampart/balcony thing at the top.  One day I had skeleton's knocking on my front door, so I thought it'd be clever to carve out a little murder hole in my rampart and shoot down at them with my bow.  Skeleton totally shot UP at me and killed me in my own house.  Not to mention that they are badass strafers.
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@Sanious: dude is that a skin you have on for the snow effect? that looks baller.  (ps that castle also rules.)
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@HotSauceMagik: Yeah from what I've encountered, gravel and sand will not float the way wood or stone will.  It can get super dangerous when you try to dig your way out of something only to hit a massive gravel patch that didn't feel like keeping out water anymore.