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@AmonHouston: Trying to escape the lava flow and being unable is one of the worst feelings.
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I sailed really far away from my home only to have a Creeper jump into the water and explode my boat.  I was so close to dying and had a bunch of gear.  It took me another thirty min or so just to get home safe. 
So terrifying.

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I do really like some of those new icon upgrades.  Didn't know they were coming and they look great. 
Any stalwarts out there feel like the game clock will disrupt play?  So much of what strategy I hear from commentary, etc. is built around supply numbers, etc.  Will people start just using the timer y'think?

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Especially vs. terran, I've seen attacked supply over mineral lines be very effective.  Someone with decent macro can replenish workers in a mineral line pretty quickly, but pushing them over supply limits is a great way to mess with their game and prevent them from growing their army any further. 
Also, if you see him going with lots of tanks, aim for those tech labs or refineries.  Anything to slow production while you get enough forces ready.

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Hmm..I've tried redownloading, offline play, and restarting.  None have worked yet.  So I'm just assuming sound is being withheld for server concerns.  Sound also doesn't work when I play in browser.

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Thanks folks.  I realize it's in alpha so I just wanted to confirm that other people were experiencing it or had experienced it.

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With all the hullabaloo surrounding Minecraft, I decided to check it out.  But as I'm walking around, hitting rocks with my polygonal hand or whatever, there doesn't seem to be any sound.  The sound options say it's all the way up, but there's nothing playing. 
Anyone else encounter this?  Or can you somehow explain it? 

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While playing against the computer won't help you learn to defend crazy harasses or other unique attacks, it can help you learn how to expand effectively.  The biggest problem I have against the high levels of AI is how they seem to have unlimited resources because the comp macros so effectively. 
If you can learn to expand effectively against Very Hard AI, you will have a decent macro game against Gold-level play.

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Can I buy the soundtrack now?

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When you invite friends to games by asking them if they'll butter your biscuit.