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It is also a meme gold-mine.

Yeah, that are funny only to "bronies".
Kinda like we "duders" are going around on the forum saying "UH UH UH UH" I suppose.
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I hope this is the end of Nintendo. I really do.
Oh joy, now that would be a happy day for gamers now wouldn't it-.
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Really what's the deal with these so called 'Bronies'?  I haven't looked into it all but every time I visit the Escapist the forums on the side are lousy w/ the topics.  Is it just some weird internet hipster thing where it's cool to like some dumbass show? Or the show actually like PPG/Dexter's Lab/I Am Weasel where an adult could enjoy it as well?
Actually the show is pretty clever and well made, made by Lauren Faust who made Powerpuff Girls  and Foster's home for imaginary friends.
It is also a meme gold-mine.
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Well they fucked up with third parties when the wii was launched and will most likely have ports of ps360 but what about in 2-3 years, they are going to be behind.

Simple enough by the sound of it, but I dunno. PS2 and Wii sold most. Tech getting expensive ( 599 dollars anyone), game developing is getting expensive compared to amount of hardcores out there, PC always ahead, yadadada. 
You tell me where we go from here. 

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I love em all.

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@Jinto: I think it is confirmed range from 480i to 1080p.
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What a strange situation, Nintendo want gaming to reach out to everyone for a reasonable price, while MS and Sony no doubt are not are looking forward to releasing a next gen. O boy.
Well, what Miyamoto says makes sense to me, so let's see how it goes.

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Speaking of Metroid, I hope the next handheld ( I could live with it being on a Tv console too ) is in 3D with 2D gameplay. 

One day, one day.....

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Haven't tried 3D much I'll admit, maybe I will more during Master Quest.

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Ha ha ha, amazing. Move aside, Street Fighter.