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I rented Honeymoon on a whim, and me and my party loved it. Very cool and stylish take on the genre

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i don't know how i missed this thread... I feel like I've found my home

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What's the ETA? I think I'm not alone in saying this is my new favorite Premium podcast...and with WWE2K14 out this week, it seems like a good time!


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What happens when my favorite designers get together? Well see!

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I can't wait. It actually got me to try watching wrestling again. But 3 hour RAWs are fucking ridiculous, so I can't be bothered trying to go all the way through. I never did figure out when NXT is on, which I would totally watch if everyone on the podcast likes it. Are there seasons for anyone who watches it?

I am the same way, I just hopped back into wrestling recently. The best thing to do is hop on Hulu and watch the Sami Zayn(El Generico) episodes on NXT. The highlight being the 2/3 falls match against Antonio Cesaro:

'At the official opening of the WWE Performance Center, Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn faced off during the NXT tapings. According to live reports, the match was well-received from both WWE officials and the fans in attendance. At one point, there was a thunderous “match of the year” chant. After the two out of three falls match, both competitors received standing ovations from the crowd.

Sami Zayn, better known as El Generico signed with WWE on January 9, 2013. His debut, in developmental territory NXT, occurred on February 13. However, his NXT in-ring debut was a month later on March 9. His first appearance under the ring name Sami Zayn was on May 22...'

Yeah Hulu is the way to go, and you can burn through RAW in half the time!

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Well guys, let's be clear.

...it's what's best for business.

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...but seriously, when's the next one going up?

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@evo said:

The Unfinished Swan.

I can't believe I left this one out!