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100%-ed this game, and I'll be glad to do it again.

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I kinda want to keep this open, just in case anyone has any more recommendations... everything mentioned has been fantastic!

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This is rad!

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@AssInAss said:

No one mentioned Boards of Canada? Disasterpeace even said they were an influence. It's not chiptune, but the same mood.

DUDE, this is exactly what I'm looking for...perfect

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@EarlessShrimp said:

DJ Cutsman is a pretty good chiptune music maker. Some of it is more relaxing than other parts though, so it might be advantageous to create a custom playlist. Also: Get the Wii U grooves album, very chilled out.

Seriously, Maybe it's the fact that I don't dabble in chiptunes too much, but I've never heard of this guy and it's awesome. He does a pretty rad Deadmau5 cover too!

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@CaptainTightPants said:

@klinkcow: Dustforce has some great music, and it's mostly relaxing. (You should totally just buy the game+soundtrack btw)

thanks, this is awesome!

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Hate to be the guy to self-bump, but any other recommendations are welcome!

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@Mesoian: oH Botnicula, I didn't even think about that! thanks

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Hey Guys,

I recently starting listening to the fez soundtrack, by Disasterpiece, while I'm at work. It's just soothing and engaging enough to let me concentrate and get into a "zone." Does anyone know of any similar artists or albums?

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Just thought I would give everyone a heads up. I have been waiting on it for a bit, myself.