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Really awesome perspective Patrick, as always!

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@figurehead00: You put words to everything I've been thinking today.

At one point I walked up to a fellow work colleague and explained the entire situation, feeling kinda silly about how depressed I was. I realize now, it's not silly at all. It feels comforting to know there are tons of other people just like me that were positively impacted by Ryan.

Maybe it wasn't a two-way conversation, but it doesn't lessen the importance and impact.

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Wow, I don't know what to say. This is a huge loss for everyone. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Even though I never met Ryan, he was a huge inspiration for me and a positive influence on my career. This is a truly sad day.

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Very sad news for a person at the very edge of something legendary. My thoughts are with his family and friends

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100%-ed this game, and I'll be glad to do it again.

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I kinda want to keep this open, just in case anyone has any more recommendations... everything mentioned has been fantastic!

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This is rad!

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@AssInAss said:

No one mentioned Boards of Canada? Disasterpeace even said they were an influence. It's not chiptune, but the same mood.

DUDE, this is exactly what I'm looking for...perfect

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@EarlessShrimp said:

DJ Cutsman is a pretty good chiptune music maker. Some of it is more relaxing than other parts though, so it might be advantageous to create a custom playlist. Also: Get the Wii U grooves album, very chilled out.

Seriously, Maybe it's the fact that I don't dabble in chiptunes too much, but I've never heard of this guy and it's awesome. He does a pretty rad Deadmau5 cover too!