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Apple Jack is possibly the best dollar ive ever spent on anything value wise. 
Zombie Estate 
Protect Me Knight 
Radian Games JoyJoy 
Breath of Death VII 
Beat Hazard 
I own a couple more but cant remember. You have to download like 10 to find 1 decent one and ive probably downloaded anything with a 3 star rating or above and only found basically the ones listed above that were actually worth a damn. I also have another one of them from Radian Games but cant remember name sorry.

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ratchet and clank future tools of destruction

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BFBC2, soon to be red dead redemption and alan wake like a lot of others im sure and blur next week

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just got mine a couple weeks ago mainly for blu ray player but i snagged the slim

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@Clinkz said:
" Gears of War. I was rather surprised I held off from buying a new console for a year... I guess WoW was big then. "
this exactly
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just once but soon to be twice cause this one i have now is getting frequent overheat issues(2 left quadrants lit up red)

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Start making your own cigarettes! A couple years ago when my precious smokes were hit by not just one tax but two within the span of a month I had enough. Went down to my friendly tobacco store to be greeted by an Indian guy calling me "buddy" and told him I wanted to make my own cigarettes. He proceeded to sell me a 40$ rolling machine made by Top brand and I bought a carton of empty tubes with filters on them and a bag of tobacco. Now it costs me little to nothing to make my own smokes and after a couple weeks you can make them like a pro and make them fast. Instead of 5 or 6 bucks a pack I pay the equivalent of 2 or 3 bucks a pack. Trust me if you want to stretch your dollar and don't mind making smokes up for an hour or two a week its definitely the way to go!

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Yeah got my free copy through the offer inside Darksiders case  and was quite surprised to find myself playing it as much as I am.

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After hitting the 50k mark on achievement points I have found myself not caring much anymore either. I tend to whore up points more when I have less games to play through, but when I am sitting on a mountain of good games like I am now I usually just blast through them systematically and get what achievements I get and move on.