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Here's a link to the Caterham crowd funding page. Sad situation but I don't think that this is the solution.

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This always worked well in the past!

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Alien is comfortably my favourite. James Cameron's films have never really stuck with me, as such I managed to enjoy Alien 3 more than Aliens. Perhaps this is generally due to bland narratives? I'm not entirely sure. On top of what I think is an incredible movie, it might be important to note that Alien has had an enormous influence on cinema.

Prometheus had its ups and downs but overall I thought it was pretty good. The panicked operation scene was genuinely brilliant.

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"Are you guys still with me?"

I was rooting for TPA throughout, shame they have to depend on other results to get through now. I'm not sure if TSM were really good and SK were awful or just one of the two.

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I'm excited, hopefully there are others in these forums too.

For various streams, schedules and such visit Riot's site LoL Esports.

Be thoughtful and mark your spoilers.

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These are great and you're great.

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Bottas was entertaining yet again. He reeeally loved the outside line coming out of the straight.

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The actual race was pretty good though.

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Making games is really fucking hard. Don't stop doing what you're doing.