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One of the most overrated games of the century. Killzone 2 is a complete crapfest of a game, and a poor excuse of a shooter, let alone a game.
There is a reason that the multiplayer hardly has any people playing it.

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But it will still be a shitty mod for MW2.
Sorry, the truth must hurt for you Treyarch fanboys.

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Fact: Company of Heroes > Starcraft 1.5 (aka 2).

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He is also a Giantbomb user. Go figure.

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No System Shock? List fails...

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The most overrated developers of all time not going to be at E3? Good.
Maybe they are too busy selling betas as full-priced games, and treating their employees like shit to be there.

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And the PSP will still be shit. All people do is pirate, or rip their UMDS and play the games on the computer with a controller.
Until it gets a second analog stick, it will always be a failure. That, or change it so the PSP is actually a system that is meant to be played on the go, instead of being a place for half-assed PS2 ports.

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And the game will look nothing like those pictures or the trailer. Typical Square-Enix and Eidos bullshit.
Until this series is exclusively for the PC and has Warren Spector working on it, it will never be even 1/10th the game that Deus Ex 1 was. 
Sorry to break it to you console kiddies.

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Episode 3 (aka the Game of Eternity), and Portal 2 being released this year with Counter-Strike 2.
I called it here first, bitches.

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People are over-reacting. Bioware has constantly made the best RPGS (Dragon Age, Baulder's Gate) and also nice hybrids (Mass Effect) which are always leagues ahead of other games. 
Like always, gamers decide to bitch before seeing anything. 
And you are also forgetting who is the publisher/owner. I can guarantee you that this is a move by EA.