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I didn't pick one up and I probably won't until early next year when I get my tax return. By then I am hoping some more impressive titles come out, but just for fun if I had to pick up some games with it today, I'd probably go with Zombi U and Assassin's Creed 3. Maybe Madden if I was feeling particularly generous.

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@Demoskinos said:

They should have just released this as a $20 downloadable game. It would have gone over MUCH better.


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@EvilNiGHTS said:

Fear not, this video should clue you in...

Loading Video...

Ugh, this has that same pastel color scheme that Sam & Max had. I get a headache playing those games because everything is so dull and muted. I will not be picking this game up, that's for sure.

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Who needs Viagra? This trailer just gave me a boner for four hours.

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This is the most exciting gaming news since they announced GTA 5 as far as I'm concerned. I just hope that the new team is able to make as good a trilogy, or single game, or whatever, as the original series was. I don't always pre-order games, but when I do, its got Mass Effect in the title.

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@Zaccheus: I hate to see people lose their jobs, so I hope THQ doesn't fold, but at least its good to know that Obsidian could theoretically finish the game.

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Damn, I was really looking forward to playing The Stick of Truth. I hope they can get it finished in time, and if they can't I hope the game gets moved to another studio so they can finish it.

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Another Skyrim DLC announcement, another day I weep that I purchased the game for PS3. This is such a crock of shit.

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@Trylks said:

tl;dr I don't care so much about pre-election politics or american politics.

However, it would be great, IMHO, if a game like Sim City (or similar simulators) allowed to test different politics and see how they work. Actually, it is possible, but a little more of realism, depth and freedom wrt the decisions to make and which decisions to make would be good.

Am I the only one on this?

I think that's a fascinating idea. It could really cause you to think about how you build your city as far as how many parks you have, how much funding you give to the police, how much regulation you put on factories to protect the environment, its endless. Sim City already kind of does that, in that your politics may play a role in how YOU build your city, but if the citizens start to have their own political feelings and you need to try and please them instead of just acting as a demi-god, that would be interesting.

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Wow, I didn't think I would get so many responses to my little blog entry. You all bring up some good points, I especially like what Veektarius said about doing something else whenever I get the urge to buy a game. I don't fully agree with Morrow's statement about feeling pressure form society because gaming is bad or whatever, but I can see his point. Just like most things in life I need to learn how to practice moderation and yeah, whenever I think about buying a game I should probably just go read a book or do ten sit-ups or something. Thanks for the advice everyone.


I don't have a iphone so I won't be getting Lunar, and for some reason I do not feel the urge to buy games for my phone, maybe because the majority are free, and terrible.

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