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I think USA and Germany should agree to draw, seems good for everyone.

I don't think Germany should try at all.

Green means USA advances.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of Group G:

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Is anyone using any third party addons? I haven't touched any of them yet, but I was wondering if there are any that have started to stand out as useful additions.

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Can I get an invite when someone has a moment?


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Does this mean Danny O'Dwyer is going to move over to Giant Bomb? That'd be pretty awesome (for GB, not so much for GS..).

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Well this makes me sad all over again.

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So, the first comment is at 6:33 PM ET. The amount pledged in the screenshot is $51,711 from 1,403 backers.

As of 11:50 PM ET, the Kickstarter page shows they are at $59,637 from 1,624 backers.

So, assuming the above screenshot was taken close to the post time, I wonder how much of the $7,926 from 221 backers raised in the last ~6 hours can be attributed directly to this article?

EDIT: math=fixed

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I can't even get the game to start. I installed it on my HDD. I go to run the game, and it appears to begin loading. Then, I get the "Disconnected from Xbox Live" notice, I assume to install a day 1 patch, but it freezes right there and locks up my 360. I don't even get the option to install the patch like any other time a patch is available. I'm going to try it will disconnected from Live next.

EDIT: Nope, doesn't even load if logged out. Just goes to a black screen and the drive just spins and spins until I manually turn it off. What crap.

EDIT 2: Had to uninstall it to get it to work. Patch downloaded and applied and game booted to menu. I'm trying to re-install it to the HDD now.

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+1 purely for the final paragraph.

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I lost 17000+ and 6 humanities when I fell into an unseen shaft in the Depths. Got cursed, too. A couple of minutes later my upstairs neighbor came downstairs and knocked on the door. "Is everything okay in there? I heard screaming, and I just want to make sure you're okay."

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My first encounter with the frogs did not go well. I discovered them after defeating the Rat King. I was strutting down a side tunnel when *poof*, I fell down an unseen shaft. I got on my feet, brushed the crap off of my pants, and then a pair of these bug-eyed freaks jumped me spewing their accursed fumes all around me. I could barely see what was going on much less do anything to get away or defend myself. A moment later I respawned in Undead Burg, cursed and clueless. I rolled into the fetal position and muttered over and over, "They can't get me here." My girlfriend got home from work twenty minutes later, brought me some cookies and milk, and told me everything was going to be alright.

What does she know of the evils I have seen?

The cookies were pretty good, by the way.

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