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Thank-you Patrick.

Could you also do an interview with the winner of this year's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 winner, Justin Wong? Maybe asking him what how he feels his victory might have affected the state of UMvC3, esp. with many rumors and comments that it was dead or had been dying since Disney's removal of the game from market. I'd also be interested in hearing how he feels about being re-crowned the champion of MvC again, and why he had difficulty re-attaining that status for so many years after the release of UMvC3?

Thank-you again.

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Thank-you for the interesting article Patrick. Keep it up :)

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Here are a couple of their GameInformer profiles to get to know them a bit better:

Dan Ryckert

Interests: Going To Both A WWE Pay-Per-View And Raw Within A 24-Hour Timespan, Meeting Vince McMahon, That Place I Saw In Milwaukee That Offers Bail Bonds And Hot Wings, The Upcoming Dorito Taco At Taco Bell, Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song”

Dislikes: Tool, The New Tweetdeck, My Crappy Pickpocketing Skill In Skyrim, Dancing Bearded Babies In Just For Men Commercials

Current Favorite Games: Skyrim, Soulcalibur V, Twisted Metal, Triple Town, Temple Run

Jason Oestreicher

Interests: Finally Bringing My Wife To Minnesota, Living On An ISLAND!, Spending Time With Friends In Atlanta, Getting My Life Back To Normal

Dislikes: Breaking Sleep Habits, Washer/Dryer Combo Units, The Wasted Potential Of NeverDead

Current Favorite Games: Street Fighter X Tekken, Pinball FX 2, Soulcalibur V, Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning, Mass Effect (All Of Them)

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Thanks. I heard Patrick say it existed in audio on Bombin' the A.M. With Scoops and the Wolf: 04/15/2014, but I couldn't find it.

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Where can I find the archive of Rich Gallup & Vinny Caravella's panel, Produced, from PAX East 2014?


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It's not April 1st yet guys. Nice try.

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Thank-you, it worked. Also I had to be in the right spot to target with F.

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(PC Version) I'm at the first gate where it tells me that, "Bypassing some obstacles requires help from your companions. Tap Q until the Buddy Command tool is selected." I tap Q and scroll to the Buddy Command tool on the lower-left, but after that nothing happens. It doesn't highlight the tool, highlight the mob, work with either companion, or tell me what do to after I've selected the command. All the other doors in the school appear locked, so I'm guessing I have to get around this somehow. It might be bugged for me, I'm not sure.

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I've had this exact same problem with PayPal all the way back since 2005 or so. After a similar event in 2006 I finally decided that I'd had enough and stopped using PayPal for anything other than purchasing small items. PayPal is one of the worst companies to use for businesses and sellers. I don't even need to mention their gross transaction fees. If you get a call from PayPal these days you have kowtow and treat them like the police. Anything other than a "Yes, sir.," "No, ma'am" and giving the exact information you're asked for when you're asked for it will immediately hinder your chances to get the result you desire.

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Those development costs that the developers broke down are completely dirty & deceptive. They're relying on the fact that most people won't look further into the numbers once they've broken them down, thinking "Oh, they've provided the numbers." But no, they haven't. You can stop just after analyzing the first number: "$48,000: Staff Salaries - 8 people for 10 weeks." As for the other numbers, they've' exaggerated and rounded them up by a huge margin. 150,000 'is' ludicrous.

Thank-you for the interesting news story Patrick.

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