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Okay, here are a few that I personally would recommend:
Audiosurf - Your enjoyment of the game will depend on how much music you have. More music = more fun. :)
Beyond Good & Evil - If you haven't already played it on another system.
Counter-Strike - Despite its age, Counter-Strike 1.6 still has an active online community.
Day of Defeat: Source - The game received a fairly significant update last year.
Half-Life - Some people say it doesn't hold up well graphically. I think it's still pretty great. You could go for the Source engine remake instead, but it won't fix the graphics. Or anything really.
Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Blue Shift - If you like the original Half-Life, you might also like the expansions.
Max Payne and its sequel - Both are great games, but if you're looking for multiplayer you won't find it here.
Psychonauts - Buy it if you like platformers. It's a fun game with a great sense of humor.
Peggle Deluxe - It's like pachinko, I guess? If you're not sure, try out the free Orange Box-themed demo.
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - It's like Bejeweled with RPG trappings. And it's the same price as Bejeweled!
Team Fortress Classic - Some people prefer Team Fortress Classic. Some people prefer Team Fortress 2. Whatever. Team Fortress Classic is five bucks so it gets my vote! ;)

Those aren't your only choices, but these games come with my personal "Yeah, I played it" seal of approval. I'm sure others can suggest some other great games for you.

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I've had some experience with sub-$10 games on Steam. Give me a moment and I'll see what I can find.

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I'm part of the "World of Goo should have been $15 on the PC" camp.

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It seems I'm not the only one who wasn't a fan of the $20 price tag. Thanks for the heads-up. Now I'll buy it for sure.

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Volkain said:
"Last but not least, last week it was God Of war 3. I mean come on, did ANYONE miss that? "
Possibly. But not Giant Bomb. :)
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clubsandwich said:
"Hexpane said:what game is that?"
The filename says "jlh", so I'm guessing it's Justice League Heroes.
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vidiot said:
"I seriously would like to hear GiantBomb's response to the concept that Fox News referenced them in their article. "
You mean Sky News. No one at Fox News personally wrote that article. It came from Sky News, like how many news outlets get much of their articles from Associated Press.
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I don't think the Disney thing is anything to worry about. Pure was published by Disney too. Black Rock Studio is owned by Disney Interactive Studios. That's all.

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There's an "Add to a list" button on the top right of most pages. You can add items to a list there, which is also where you create lists.

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Kush said:
"They ask for a first and last name...that's what I gave them. "That" = my real name."
GHT said:
"I put in my real name.

the game is more personal that way."
I can't do that. It just doesn't feel right to me, seeing characters refer to me by my actual name.
So I use Souji Seta, the name used in the manga.