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I don't think the Disney thing is anything to worry about. Pure was published by Disney too. Black Rock Studio is owned by Disney Interactive Studios. That's all.

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There's an "Add to a list" button on the top right of most pages. You can add items to a list there, which is also where you create lists.

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Kush said:
"They ask for a first and last name...that's what I gave them. "That" = my real name."
GHT said:
"I put in my real name.

the game is more personal that way."
I can't do that. It just doesn't feel right to me, seeing characters refer to me by my actual name.
So I use Souji Seta, the name used in the manga.
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kashif1 said:
"true free speech is nonexistent, even in the us."
Freedom of speech doesn't apply in this situation anyway since Amazon choose to pull the game, not the government.
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Also, as with any PS2 game on the PS3, make sure you've got backups of your save files. You wouldn't want to lose your progress due to accidental save data corruption.

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way said:
"Alec Baldwin, Screwattack, and anyone who isn't Classic Game Room or Giantbomb.

Because gaming is going to crash soon, and the fact that GTA4 won last year is proof.

Whatever happened to the Playstation 1, with Croc, Nightmare Creatures, Spyro, Rayman, Frogger, and the good games?"
Didn't Giant Bomb also give their Game of the Year award? I guess you didn't have a problem with that...
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I don't know, but it sounds delicious.
That is all. :)

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It'll drop in price eventually anyway, so even though you missed it this time, you'll probably be able to get it for about the same price later in the future.

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Endogene said:
"LiquidPrince said
That's not the point. You don't release something and then suddenly make it unusable when a slightly newer version of the same system comes out."
Guitar Hero DS was EA if i am not mistaking not Nintendo, not sure if Nintendo ever put out any devises for the GBA slot them selves on the DS. "
EA has Rock Band. Activision has Guitar Hero.