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I have a MacBook (the newer version) I am having a weird minor issue that I figured I would attack and try to fix today, Whenever I download an application and drag it into my Application folder the application loses it's icon image. It will work just fine but the image would be a generic "no image" icon. This happens with many different apps and the only fix I have is that I would drag the image to my desktop then drag it back it. That's the only way the image will register, the computer is fairly new and this has been happening since I purchased it from Apple.

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Essentially what has to be understood is the fact that if someone get's something for free, someone else is working for it. Essentially taxes will go up, healthcare taxes will go up. So although your employer covers a percentage of it, you still might not be able to pay it and become eligible for "free" healthcare therefore the percentage of people that pay goes down while the percentage of people on "free" healthcare goes up. That's why it's moronic, I am not a genius and I am not a birth citizen of the U.S (I was naturalized). Wouldn't it be better for them to just give out healthcare at your own risk? The reason why health insurance is so high is because doctors need to cover their asses and get practice insurance because people are ALWAYS suing doctors. liability insurance is very expensive. IMHO what they should've done is make people sign AT YOUR OWN RISK papers before every procedure that might end not as the patient intended. Anyways I seem to lean more towards the Republican side. I came from nothing from a third world country and because my family worked hard and now i work hard i am able to afford a decent life. Many people are just riding the "Free" boat and working off the books and now they get to have free healthcare. I've seen BMWs parked in front of Welfare centers in New York, now those same people get free healthcare. What we needed was welfare reform and lawsuit reform. 
p.s my english isnt so good but you guys can probably understand what i am trying to say

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I accidentally voted I love it,  damn it lol

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Personally, I hate it, I actually hate it even more because it's becoming an FPS standard, I loved how being able to zoom in through iron sights became standard but I am upset at how sprinting has become standard as well...even in SOCOM :((( 
P.S My english is not so good

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@rjayb89: I know it's you Chuck Norris
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@Porcelain_Snake: I bought Socom Confrontation, then traded it in for $2.75 at GameStop, I was so angry at the developers I returned it, then I heard about the patch that fixed everything and bought it again, I ended up buying 2 copies, one for me and one for my brother.
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I really loved FFVII, FFVIII and FFX, the other's I could care less for, convince me to buy this game today as I am going to GameStop later and can't figure out what to buy....

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Lombardi's, the first pizzeria in the US, opened in 1905, also Pauls Burger Joint in St.marks, you can easily get these places on google, they are not pricey and are delicious, I live in ny btw

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Also how many can you equip at the same time?