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Man, Dooms' music has been seared into my brain at this point. I love it!

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@szlifier said:

My solution:

Buckle up, cause this might not be fixed until after E3.

Thank you!!

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Hamburgers are hamburgers, sandwiches are sandwiches, Rubens are Rubens. Words have different meanings, so as not to confuse people. You are all welcome :P

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@pilgore said:

Seems like a big fuck you to the devs to play the game with mods and never experience it the way they envisioned it. *shrug*

LoL. So we, the consumer, who shills out $60 a pop for a game, should just bend over and take it? I'm not into Masochism, thanks.

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Hahahah! This is exactly what I was thinking right before I saw your post.


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KOTOR was the first game that actually made me care about NPC's. I had a really hard time playing all Sith, on my second play through. I miss the old Bioware... I'm in the minority but, Mass Effect 1 & Dragon Age: Origins were their last great games. I was really hyped for DA3. Sadly, I found the NPC's dry, and lackluster. I tried about four times to try and get into it. I was just so bored.

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When I saw his post today, my heart sank. I can't imagine how soul crushing this news must have been. My thought's and prayers are with him, and his family.

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EDIT: NVM I just looked on GOG. They had it listed for $24.99 for the longest time. That's a steal!

$10? Where did you find that price?

@altairre said:

For 10 bucks I think 10 hours is a really good deal especially since there's not really any filler to it. Plus we still have the second expansion that's supposed to be twice as long and has a new area to explore. I'm glad they're not waiting too long to release the first DLC, it's nice to have something to look forward to every couple of months.

Personally I don't like Gamestar all that much (which is more about their rating system than the people working there) but I'd wager the score is justified in this case.

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Hahaha, this is awesome! I imagine this is what he's doing at home right now...

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