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Grabbed an Insurgency Key. Thanks!

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Game looks fantastic! My only two gripes with it (PC version) is that there's no rebindable mouse, the WASD system just seems out of place for a DA game. That, and sometimes the camera just freaks out so I can't keep track of the enemys.

Other than that, I can't wait to get deeper into the game, and dig into the multiplayer as well!

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Hey all my fellow Portlanders, and Oregonians! I was just trying to brainstorm some kind of get together, or event that we could start up here in Portland. I'm aware of the PDX LAN event that happens every year but, I'm not sure how many actual GB people are there as well.

Forgive me if my thoughts seem to jump around randomly. I made the mistake of drinking a 6X coffee from Blackrock at 4pm, and I'm still a tad "buzzed".

I've been thinking a lot lately about possibly putting together some type of game jam. Preferably somehow tying it in with the "Keep Portland Weird" slogan.
I know next to nothing about game design however, I would love to watch and learn.

Would anyone be interested in helping putting something like that together? We could even just set up some dates to meet at a local bar, just to get to know everyone, and share our passion for games in general. Let me know. I would love to get to know our local GB community!

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@dezvous said:

@hippie_genocide: I'm a huge Battlefield fan but I don't get the Bad Company fervor, is it just for the generally more interesting single player stuff? The multiplayer has been phenomenal is basically all of them which is what I care about most. Glad to hear they're going to take their time with the next proper BF game. Looking forward to Final Stand for BF4.

I just started playing BC2 again, and I think it's just the shear environmental destruction that you can do. BF4 touted the "leveolution" crap but, all in all, it was window dressing for a single map event. Same thing every match.

In BC2, if you see a guy run into a building, you can most likely blow out an entire wall and expose him. I think it boils down to what you prefer. Set Piece or Sandbox.

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That's an interesting take on it. I never really thought about it that way. I just thought about all the genres that have that, and it makes complete sense. Thanks!

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I feel like the "Open World" genre needs to be defined a little more. Games like Sunset Overdrive, Prototype, Spiderman, etc. seem more like large open shooting gallery's. There's no real sense of density, or the playspace being actually lived in, or rather, nothing to really explore.

I feel like there's even a divide between games like GTA, and ARMA/DayZ. GTA, you can find little hidden events, explore the city. ARMA/DayZ is just one huge sandbox. You basically create your own game within the game.

I'm not really sure how you would separate, or create a sub-genre though. I guess exploration is the defining key though.

Am I alone in this thinking?

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Hey guys! I've been having trouble connecting to the chat for several weeks now. I'm not sure if it's something on your end or mine. I've cleared out my cache in Chrome, logged out & back in, and still no joy. Same message as @cornbredx

Is there something I'm missing, or forgetting to do?

Thank you!

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It really depends on the game really. South Park was fine at 30fps because it didn't require quick,decisive action. Need for speed rivals however, 30fps wasn't enough time for me to react to the action on screen. Think of all of the minute adjustments that you make with the wheel as you drive. If you cut half the speed of what you were seeing on the road, you would be swerving like a mad man. It's said that fighter pilots are able to see up to 255fps. It really does depend on the action of the game, and what your reaction time needs to be.

I prefer 60+fps. I may be bias because I've been a PC gamer, after the SNES.