Some old games that I am trying to track down

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Posted by Diamond

I have my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga but no working Saturn!  But yea I'm not selling it.  I'll get around to playing more of it someday.
Sold my copy of Earthbound a long time ago.  It is crazy what people charge for it online.

Posted by Marmaladebrat
@Diamond: Maybe someday I will find Panzer Dragoon. But I am in the same boat as you, i need to get working Saturn once again.
Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I had my copy of Parappa the Rapper stolen in high school by a "friend". 
Luckily a couple years later I managed to find a copy at Toys R' Us for $10. Not givin' that up for the world. :D

Posted by Marmaladebrat

Just made some updates. Looking for some rare Sega CD and Saturn games