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I'd like to get an invite as well. Just reactivated last night and started a new character on Aerie Peak. Matt#11771

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PSN: Magistic

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Finally got my 36 bard transferred over!

Anyone on tonight that can send me an invite? Didn't see any officers on when I went through the list. In-game name is Ignasse Dauremant.


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I currently have a 35 bard on Cactuar so I'm in the same boat as some of the others on waiting for server transfers to open up. Hoping there is still room when that happens, but if anyone is on Cactuar and wants to run some dungeons let me know. Name is Ignasse Dauremant.

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Xbox 360 Gamertag - Matt108

I'll play pretty much anything.

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I just finished the game a couple of days ago.  Loved it, and like everyone else I'm very excited to see where they take the story next.  After reading this thread to try and answer some of my own questions, I ran across this story...  
With all of the talk of the number 72 in the game and elsewhere, just found it interesting to see it come out possibly in Da Vinci's painting.

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Neat idea, but I don't think it's enough to get me to pre-order.

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Started playing with the first Final Fantasy on the NES, and have played pretty much everything since.  My copy of FF XIII is pre-ordered and I can't wait!  Even though I'm still going through Mass Effect 2, and haven't even started Heavy Rain yet.  Then there is Darksiders, and....too many games!

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