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The name is Mike and I will be attending all day friday with my girlfriend! This is also my first PAX and I am BEYOND stoked!!! Im actually debating between trying to meet the guys in person, just cuz, meeting idols and what not...but i will DEF be at the panel!!! Would also be down for a meet up of like minded duders!!!

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I work on a production line at a warehouse where I am usually at one spot for a couple hours at a time. We are allowed to listen to headphones with one ear in, and im basically just standing and checking cap seals so I listen exclusively at work! It works out great because I can usually listen to at least 2 a day, listening to the most current one and then when that one is finished working my way through the past 6 years worth. I just download around 6 or 8 of em to my phone and queue them up in poweramp and let 'er rip! Im just about to finish 2008!

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@choffy: I too am a server, and man, reading your description, I was like, " that was me last night, lol". I know some people tend to think that waiters dont do shit to earn their money, but man we do. And we dont all rake in insane cash like some think we do. I worked a 11 hour shift this past saturday, and walked out with $175, and that was an awesome day for me, but we were pretty steadily busy all day. And I only get that one all day shift a week, so thats my money day. Other days it varies so wildly like you said, it can be anywhere from 20 to 90 bucks from day to day 5 hour shifts. Id say working close to full time(35 to 40 hours/week) I bring in about 1200 to 1500 a month, low to high. Maybe 1700 if I have a really good month.

And i dont mean to make it sound like im complaining, dont get me wrong, I like my job, and I understand that I chose to do this work. There just seems to be this misconception that servers make buttloads of cash without having to hardly anything, and while that may be true of certain restaraunts(mainly high/price ones), I will proudly say that I do bust my ass for my money, and that the harder you work to do a better job can at timeslead to better tips, it just isnt anything you can count on. You can give the best service ever and a table will still stiff you. Its their choice to be sure, doesnt mean its right.

I will leave with this though, I chose to do this job becuase it lends me a lot of free time for my hobbies and to try and persue my art career. That, and I am pretty much only responsible for myself and have a fairly low debt to income ratio. It can be tight, but I make it. And yes, I live on my own. That said, I would not recommend this job to anybody who absolutely NEEDS a steady income, and has to worry about providing for a family. Money is just too unpredictable for that kind of situation imho.

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Just bought a Corsair Vengeance M60 gaming mouse here and I am loving it!!! It was 50 bucks, and has excellent build quality, usb 3.0 connector, braided cable, a rubberized grip up top in the palm area with a slightly textured area on the sides for easy gripping, aluminum under-body with 3 removable weights to make its heaviness to your liking, slight blue led glowy aesthetics without being gaudy, 7 buttons you can configure with software it comes with, on the fly switching between 3 dpi settings of your choosing (via buttons below the scroll wheel), and a dedicated "sniper" button, which when depressed lowers the dpi to about 800 for precision aiming, which I thought was a total gimmick but actually works pretty well! Seriously, the thing just feels premium throughout! All in all, ive been impressed with Corsairs products, would recommend you check them out!

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@geraltitude: Fuck and YES Ghost Babel!!! That game was crazy awesome!!! I remember picking up a new clear gameboy pocket color and that game and being thrilled! Man, nostalgia trip for sure! where did i put that gameboy emulator?

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I actually just picked up a 64 gig iPad mini a month ago and im pretty damned smitten with the thing, it was pricey but worth it I think. I was going to get a nexus 7, but actually holding a dislplay model I found the 7inch form factor to be just a bit too small for my man hands, but the minis 7.9 inch screen and form factor are pretty much perfect for me, even the regular 10 inch iPad felt too big. Plus, since I have a Windows Phone 8 cell, I wanted a device to get back into apples app ecosystem. I love it, Ive found some really awesome games ( PUNCH QUEST!!! GET IT!!!), its great for web and youtube consumption, and as for music, I just bought an app called gMusic for 2 bucks, and It lets me access my google music library over wifi. Just uploaded my music to google music (you get space for 20,000 songs free), signed into the app and boom, insta music without taking up 30 gigs of my precious space! As long as you know what youre buying it for, I say go for it, especially if you know you will want some of those itunes exclusive apps and games (Spaceteam!)

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@wemibelec90: Yeah that would be awesome, thank you! Im pretty what ill do is buy the new GPU, put it in my rig just to see how it performs and just very quickly save up to buy the rest of my new pc, but I would like to see what other duders with a similar setup get in performance gains with just the GPU upgrade!

@qawsed: Oh im sure the improvment in performance would be huge and easily noticeable, to be sure. Its just a matter of how much it would help my system in the short term until I save up the money to get the rest of the components. Thanks for the input!

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@MordeaniisChaos: Yeah, ive read up a little on the "libraries" issue and being able to change the paths and stuff and where it saves stuff to. And thanks for the reply! Given the responses here I am definitely leaning on just saving a bit longer and building a new gen intel build. Im sorry you had so much trouble with your 5770 but I gotta tell you mine has been running like a champ! It was touted as the best mid range card at the time I bought it, at 200 bucks then, and I have never had any problems running games smoothly at 1080p! Its still chewing through newer titles at high settings too, barring the occasional dip in frames when stuff gets crazy! Im currently working my way through Spec Ops: the line and its awesome!

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Wow! Thanks everybody for the response! This community never disappoints!

@Winternet: Yeah, im probably going to suck it up and do that, thanks!

@Inkerman: Thanks for the reply! That makes me a lot more confident in going the SSD route!

@AndrewB: Will definitely be buying the best graphics card I can afford!

@Bourbon_Warrior: Duder thanks so much for the detailed reply! Will definitely look into the 965 if I decide to upgrade my cpu with this current motherboard, as it seems to be the best offering for gaming with my socket type. Looked at the Phenom II six cores and they are super hard to find and also way lower clocked with less overclocking potential, so the 965 seems to be the best option. It all depends on how much free cash I have come February! And yeah, that 3 free game deal with a 7970 definitely caught my eye!

@WasabiCurry: Yeah, future proofing is nigh impossible these days for sure! Also good luck with your build when you go ahead with it! Let me know how it turns out! Yeah, im kind of limiting myself to 400 bucks for the GPU, and since the 680 and 7970 GHZ edition are so neck and neck, and I can get the 7970 for a hundred less, its my pick! Although, if the 680 manages to drop a hundred bucks between now and Feb I would have to reconsider!

@Devildoll: Awesome, thanks for the info regarding the SSD thing! And its good to know the RAM situation isnt as bad as I thought, I was looking up info on RAM clock speeds and how much difference running at different frequencies would hurt performance and didnt get a clear cut answer!

@Mirado: Im not totally sure how much I will have to play with, but I will for sure be getting the GPU. If I have the money I would for sure love to upgrade everything, and may just do so anyway even if it takes me a bit longer. And I was definitely looking at doing an intel build with my new rig, probably going the standard i5-3000k series of CPUs. Was just trying to see if there was a cheaper way to upgrade what I had and eke out a little extra life from current parts!

So a few more question! Since I installed an OEM copy of Windows 7 on my rig, wouldnt replacing the CPU automatically require me to buy a new copy of windows, since it would think it was a "new" PC? That was one of the main reasons to see if the GPU upgrade would be justifiable on its own. If it requires me to buy windows again, then that kind of makes the decision to build a new rig for me, not that im complaining, mind! On that note, does anybody know what would happen if I upgraded my current rigs OEM copy of 7 to Windows 8? Would there be a way to transfer that to a completely new rig? Or is that upgrade of Win 8 tied to my current Mobo since its coming from an OEM copy.

Aaand, once my new rig is complete, is there an easy way to transfer my steam library (Saves, Installed games etc.) from my old HD to the new SSD? I really dont want to have to download and reinstall EVERY single one of the games I am currently playing. Stupid US Data caps!!!!

Again, thank you SO MUCH for all your replies and advice! You guys are awesome!

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Hello fellow PC gaming duders! As many around here are prepping to do, I will be upgrading my gaming PC come tax return time. While I would love to build a brand new from-the-ground-up PC, financially that may not be viable. So I would appreciate some advice on whether or not my current rig would benefit from a few small upgrades, and if it would hold me off until I have the funds to replace everything! And now specs!

CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 440 @ 3 GHZ

MB: Biostar TA870+

RAM: 8 Gigs 1666 DDR3 (Only operating at 1033 due to me not realizing it was specialized for intel boards, ima derp)

GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GHZ

HD: Western Digital 500 Gig 7200 rpm

PSU: Coolmax 600 Watt psu

Now I should state that I built my rig in mid 2010 and it has performed admirably this entire time, and continues to do so. Ive been able to run pretty much every game I have (That I have installed and tried, my steam library is...big) on Max/High settings gaming on a 23 inch 1080p monitor, getting perfectly acceptable framerates, at least as far as I can tell. Im sure im not getting 60 frames in a lot of games, but i game with V-Sync on anyhow due to lots of screen tearing, and they run smooth enough for me. Even newer titles like Skyrim, Battlefield 3(only the single player, havent touched the multi), Saints Row the Third, Max Payne 3, Hard Reset and Spec Ops: The line, all run at High settings. And the titles I havent bought yet, like Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored and Borderlands 2 Im sure would all run well enough, and STILL look better than their console counterparts!

But even though I am happy with my performance so far, I know that some of the newer titles coming out and over the course of the next year will bring my rig to its knees, such as Assasins Creed 3 and Farcry 3. And I do have that itch to play my current games cranked to 11, SO! Im looking into acquiring a Radeon HD 7970 GHZ Edition with my tax money. Im a bit of an AMD loyalist, and would consider the GTX 680 as well, but ive read some benchmark tests, and the GHZ edition amd card seems to run a bit faster and better than a 680, and I can get one for about a hundred bucks less than the 680. Would I benefit from it greatly? Enough to maybe get me through the next years titles at high settings? Or is the rest of my system too much of a bottleneck?

Am also thinking of adding a 256 Gig SSD to my setup, whether this one or my eventual new build. Im very interested in the speed gains ive read about, but truth be told it kind of sounds SUPER annoying to set up! I Would like to put the OS on it and run games and my my art programs from it, but how do you set up the drives so that everything else is on the secondary HD? If the OS is installed on the SSD, wont all my music and video folders be there as well? Ive heard you have to really manage them so that it doesnt fill up with miscellaneous files and what not. I know about Steam Mover so that would help me keep games installed no matter what and just keep the ones I am currently playing on the SSD, but everything else would be on a 1 TB drive. Any good links to tutorials about properly setting up a gaming system with an SSD?

Thank you in advance to anybody taking the time out to read this diatribe! And thanks for any advice I recieve! Going to bed now, will check back later!