Digital Everything Sucks Sometimes

So I was sitting here at work, using Audiogalaxy to listen to music that's on my computer at home.  All of a sudden it stops working.  The software at home is no longer connected to their servers.  Weird.  Maybe my computer got shut off for some reason though. 
So I call home.  Goes immediately to voicemail.  (I'd already tried the husband's cell, but god knows where in the house he left it, because he's not answering.)
Well fuck.  Having digital voice AND digital internet sucks sometimes.  Totally cut off from communication.  
I call the cable company (Comcast, who I don't really dislike, even though it seems popular to hate your telecom company).  My modem is definitely offline.  Have I had problems like this before?  Sure, when my fucking 1917 house throws a breaker, which is about 50% of the time that someone runs a load of laundry in the washer.
Oh well, I guess someone will figure it out when they hop on the 360 to play Black Ops.


I got hit on by a chick in WoW last night...

This was... weird. 
So last night I'm running Scholo with a RDF group.  And they were actually a pretty decent group.  Other than the hunter was having that autoshot problem, and the rogue was going all bleeding-heart because we were joking about huntards.  But overall, people did their job, and did it well.  Of course, that didn't stop an epeen contest from ensuing at some point.  This was between the Tank (warrior) and the hunter.  In an effort to diffuse the situation before it came to a vote-kick, I quipped something about them dropping the epeen contest, before I get out my rubber epeen and put them all to shame... and the (shadow) Priest in the group says to me.... 

I assumed she was just joking around... but this sort of thing continued on.  It was really weird.  Now I know how guys online feel.  I mean, if this was some attractive chick, I'd definitely keep the convo going.  But, like guys online, I have to assume that this is a guy dressed up as a girl.  Although that seemed to offend her. 
So I look up the chick after the dungeon run.  Turns out Farstriders is an RP realm.... that explains some things about the conversation.  Still wasn't sure what to make of it.  But it did make for an interesting run!

DC Universe Online

  I'll be quite honest.  I'm afraid that people may have the same problem right now that I've had with other games in the past.  Over-excitement about a new/different game.  Most MMOs that I've tried out I've been totally stoked for the first week or even couple months that I've played them.  Not so far as fangirlism, but up there.    So I'm just concerned that a lot of the current hype is just that, and will wear off soon enough.
This game, in particular, doesn't seem a whole lot different than City of Heroes except that it has licensed names.  Yippee.  I'd still argue that the character creation in CoH/CoV was better.  What's a shame too is that a game can get released like this that looks exactly like something that came out years ago, but because there are so many people that are new to MMOs, they're gobbling it up like OMG this is awesome and it's not WoW!   
Ah well, we all learn.


Being torn between gamer and wife

I'm going to fucking crack, melt, break, shatter, do something horrible to his Black Ops disc.   
And I better not hear a peep from him when I stay up late playing WoW and he's gotta go to bed alone. 
See?  Its not just non-gaming wives that get all crazy mad.  :) 
Because people will miss it...  My husband and I have been together over 12 years.  This is something that comes up every so often.  I'm not asking for advice, I'm venting.  And I'm also just putting it out there that having a woman that's a gamer too doesn't necessarily get you out of some of the same relationship issues as being with a non-gamer.


So the hubby finally checked out GB sorta...

So last week, I was browsing GB on my way home, and noticed on the front page there was a video for Shogun 2: Total War.  I couldn't get the video to load on my phone, but tucked that nugget of info away for later cause I knew the hubby would be interested.  So I get home that day, tell the hubby about the video.  Sure enough, he's interested.  I show him some other interesting things on the site that he also digs.  But what does his eye catch?  My experience bar in the upper right corner.  He can't believe there's an experience bar.  So I show him the quests.  He facepalms at me.  I show him the achievement tracking, which he thought was cool.  But he goes back to facepalming at me questing on a website.   
Well pffffft to him.  Not like he's much better for staying up till 7am playing Black Ops.  I don't care how close he is to prestiging for a third time. 
But anyway I think he doesn't think GB is pretty cool.  Will he become a regular here?  Nah.  Totally unlikely.  He might come here for occasional reviews and videos though.  We'll see.


Blog for the week

So I haven't blogged much this week.  It's been fairly busy. 
I got a new office at work towards the end of last week.  Pretty happy about it :)    

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Other than that, been playing a fair amount of WoW, watching some shows, that kinda thing. 
In WoW, this week I think the only toons I really worked on were my priest, my lock, my druid, and my lock in the GB guild.  Though I did also gear up my pali a bit.  I've really been enjoying how great the hubby and I have down some of the new boss fights.  We finally tried out Throne of Tides the other day and decided we don't like it much.  It was fairly nasty.  Because I've spent a lot of time in some of these dungeons, I've started updating them here on the Wiki, like Shadowfang Keep, where my druid went at least a good dozen times this week.  I think I'm going to try to continue this habit, of updating zones or dungeons as I work on them.  Wiki points, here I come! 
We had to watch ourselves some Southland this week.  I love that show.  I'll admit, I'm not the type of girl that really fawns all over celebrities, and maybe it's just because in some ways he's a lot like my husband, but Officer Ben Sherman (played by Ben McKenzie) is one that I'll get "aflutter" about, as the hubby calls it. 
Didn't watch much else this week that was a must-see, other than we finally went and saw the movie RED at the discount theater.  That movie was pretty awesome, but I love action flicks like that.  And Bruce Willis is awesome, and still pretty attractive for a man of 55.  I'm stoked for Fringe to come back on TV too. 
So let's see, what else.  Oh yeah, the might get sued thing.  That New Years party where the guy got hurt... the wife got a hold of me the other day asking if the guy who did the hurting had offered to help pay anything.  I asked him and he said he's not going to respond, he's just going to see how things go.  Great.  Because not responding will go over well.  So most likely we're going to get stuck with a claim against our homeowners insurance because the guy can't even call up and say "I'm really sorry about what happened, but I can't/won't help pay."  Tell ya what though, if I end up with a claim against my homeowners, people are gonna be disappointed about the lack of parties at my house.  And things with my best friend are going to be strained because her boyfriend is an asshole.  Did I mention that he also kicked her in the head that night?  Trying to show off and do some roundhouse high kick over her head, ended up kicking her in the head instead.  Nice job, dumbshit. 
So not a lot going on really.  Other than that, I'm thrilled that my daughter got over a nearly week-long fever.  I'm glad that my taxes are half-done, can't wait to file and get the return and take care of some stuff. 
And looking forward to watching the game this weekend.  I hope we play against the Bears as well as or better than we did last time we met them. 
Go Hawks! 

A typical WoW player's Sunday?

A friend of mine posted this yesterday, but her Sunday sounded so similar to my own... I wonder how many other WoW players' Sundays are like this too... 

  •  This is the way we wash our clothes
    Wash our clothes
    Wash our clothes
    This is the way we wash our clothes
    So early Sunday morning!

    This is the way we farm for mats
  • Farm for mats
    Farm for mats
    This is the way we farm for mats
    So early Sunday morning

    This is the way we quest and level
  • Quest and level
    Quest and level
    This is the way we quest and level
    Somewhat less early Sunday morning

     This is the way …crap I forgot the laundry
  • Crap I forgot the laundry
    Crap I forgot the laundry
    This is the way we turbo wash our clothes
    …Sometime on a Sunday

     This is the way we do our dailies
  • Do our dailies
    Do our dailies
    This is the way we do our dailies
    Later Sunday,… Uh… what time is it?

     This is the way we remember we should eat
  • Remember we should eat
    Remember we should eat
    What the flip can I cook for myself quick
    At this late hour on a Sunday

    This is the way WoW eats my brain
  • Eats my brain
    Eats my brain
    This is the way WoW eats my brain
    All day on a Sunday.

Napoleonette Complex

I haz it. 
At least that's what some people say.  This occurred to me today specifically because of a thread here where a girl talked about how her boyfriend rages while they play video games together.  I mentioned I'd probably shut the console off on him. 
I have done that once.  Well, actually it was the PC.  And the hubby (we weren't married yet) was logged into Everquest at the time.  Boooooy was that a tense moment. 
But I was recently accused of basically having Napoleonette Complex.  I don't know that I really do.  I just don't let people think they can intimidate me because of my size.  I'm short, but not that short at 5'3" (that's 160cm for you Euros).  A newer guy friend of ours recently tried to do such a thing.  He's over six feet tall, has to duck for most of our doorways, and generally seems to be a cool guy.  But he also thinks he's hot shit.  He tried proving this one night when I was giving him crap about something.  And he walked up to me in that way that men do, and.... expected me to cower I guess?  No such luck for him.  I don't care if a guy is twice my size.  If I've got good reason, I'll take a shot at him.  After all, the bigger they are..... 
Does this mean I have Napoleonette Complex?  I don't think so.  I think if anything it's more of a tough-girl complex.   
The husband and I were talking about this the other day though, and whatever it is, it's likely to get my ass kicked one of these days.  I've had guys threaten to kick my ass, and they usually back down the second I offer to take them up on it.  But one of these days I'll end up pissing someone off and they're not going to back down when I call their bluff.  I refuse to let myself be bullied around by anyone though, no matter their size or gender. 
The point of all this?   /shrug   Just some more insight into me I guess.


First Instance of the new expansion

So over the holiday weekend, the husband and I ran our first instance of the new expansion.  He ran his warrior tank and I ran my holy priest.  We make a pretty damn good team.  So our instance was the only new one I know how to get to at this point - Blackrock Caverns

Loading screen

Upon first glance, it looks very Blackrock-ish.  However the mobs are different than what you may be used to from BRD, BRS, MC, and BWL.  Most of these mobs are part of the Twilight Hammer cult. 
But I could immediately see what people were saying about how the instances have changed.  I was SOOO glad that my husband has always been a smart, careful tank, rather than a "let me pull everything in sight and you guys better keep me healed and aoe it all down" type tank.  Smart and careful is how things must be played now.  Instances can't be steamrolled anymore.  Sometimes CC is called for.  Sometimes kiting is called for.  Sometimes los pulling is necessary.   I'm digging it personally!
I've seen a lot of people on the WoW forums complaining about this sort of gameplay.  They don't want to bother spending an hour, or even two, running an instance.  It should only take 20 minutes to steamroll through a place.  They don't like these stupid "games" that each boss has about how they need to be taken out.  They're not interested in strategy or teamwork or people knowing their roles.  They're only interested in hurrying up, getting it done, and getting on to something else. 
Well, as to our experience, we did wipe once on a boss on our first run, but easily beat him after the hubby and I got a plan of attack together.  We went on to kick ass the rest of the instance.  I ended up with some new loots.  Some was total dps'er gear, but still waaay better than anything I had for healing.
Interestingly enough, the second time we tried that place over the weekend, the group failed miserably.  One of the fights requires a couple people besides the tank to do some stuff, and no one was willing to do it even though we had talked about it all.  So we kept dying.  Of course people end up either logging out or leaving the group, without saying a word.  Teamwork is definitely needed in these new dungeons, and I'm glad the game has come back to that.  And people that can't be bothered to either learn how to play their class past PEW PEW, or learn how to cooperate with others can just jump off a cliff. 

Happy New Year

So I'm back to work and I'm going to work my ass off this year and try to be a model employee.  I think there's a difference between sucking up and working your ass off.  But there's no way I want to lose this job, and if the economy takes another dip, I don't want to be looked at as the one to go just because I'm low man on the totem pole.  So that means I may be Giant Bombing a bit less during the day.
God willing, I'll also be entering law school later this year.  Today I'm going to ask one of the attorneys I work with to write a letter of recommendation for me because the other people that I've asked to do it either didn't do it, or didn't do it correctly.  The Law School Admissions Council is showing that I only have one of two required letters of recommendation.  I hope that this attorney will say yes.  She seems to like me and the work I do for her. 

Getting Outed

So my new year started off with a fricking bang.  We hosted the New Years' party, as we do with most parties.  It was a fairly small gathering, but large enough that people milled about and did their own things.  Everything was going fine until this neighbor chick came over.  She said she lived next door with her lesbian partner.  I'd seen the partner before many times, but I'd never seen this girl, and I still have doubts to this moment that she lives next door.  But anyway, she came over.  She kinda bitched about our music and tried saying that we do this during the week while people try to sleep which ABSOLUTELY isn't true.  Then again, and was completely drunk and/or high.  So as I mentioned, she's lesbian.  She seemed concerned that we were all gonna be dicks with her over it.  My best friend and I told her not to be concerned, she's in good company, and we can relate.  So this chick, as she's standing on our porch with half our party-goers, starts yelling that my best friend and I are carpet munchers and that we've been together.  While this is true, this is something that we keep private, ya know?  My housemate knew I had a girlfriend, but he didn't know who because we only ever do anything when he's not there.  I'm sure the two of us turned red as hell, though we were trying to just laugh it off as crazy drunk/high neighbor chick.  No one has said a single word about it, so who knows what people think, or even remember... we were all pretty sloshed by that time. 

Almost Getting Sued 

So later in the night... err I should probably say morning, because the next event happened around 4am.  A couple of the guys decided to start wrestling around.  My husband and I didn't see what happened.  At the time the two of us were busy playing Suicide and Redemption on GH: Metallica.  So we're doing that, and we hear thumping and wrestling and whatnot in the kitchen.  About the time we finish up the song, someone starts yelling about their shoulder getting fucked up.  Long story short, turns out that my best friend's boyfriend dislocated the shoulder of my daughter's best friend's father.  The guy whose shoulder was dislocated is already a loud and obnoxious drunk, so you can only imagine how belligerent he became after that.  Luckily he wanted nothing more than his wife to take him to the hospital (though I feel for the wife).  I do feel for the guy too, and my husband and I feel awful that it happened in our home.  Thank god he didn't sue us under our homeowners' though.  The guy who did the dislocating feels bad too, but at the same time, he feels that he did nothing wrong.  I don't completely blame him either. 

Almost Getting Evicted 

Just gets better huh?  So I get a call from my mortgage company yesterday.  We in the process of going through a remodification on our loan, and I had spent at least a good half hour on the phone with someone from the company last week about it.  So I figure everything's good, it's just all in the paperwork now.  Until I get some call yesterday from some dude whose name made me question if he was even calling from the US.  Anyway, dude tries to tell me that my house has a sale date on it of January 11, 2011.  EXCUSE ME?!  You'd think that if my mortgage company were selling my house out from under me I would have gotten notice of some sort.  No notice.  And he has no record of any notice.  Says I need to speak with the attorneys office.  I call the attorney.  They're just as confused as I was.  Yes, they have a file for the house.  It's on hold.  They have a reminder for January 11th to review the file.  No sale date. 
That's almost too bad.  I would have fought tooth and nail to get my house free and clear if someone was trying to sell it out from under me with no notice. 
And that's mostly it so far.  Just an exciting beginning to the new year.  I certainly hope it goes better than last year.