Classic Bomb #1: Let's Watch "On The Spot!"

50GB of .mp4 .wmv and .mpg ... what is a .mpg ???

I have been a long time reader and viewer of Giant Bomb and before that, GameSpot. A couple years ago I decided that it would be a great idea to download and watch the "On The Spot" archive, you know, the old GameSpot liveshow that had many of the Giant Bomb duders. I just found these videos after backing up my PC and since they are nowhere to be found, I think it would be fun to finally start watching these and archive them back to THE INTERNET for all to enjoy.

Hopefully I will also be able to find some funny or informative segments too. I did already upload a "Quick Look" of Gears of War a couple years ago.

Will I really watch all 144 episodes? Will I really timestamp the show segments? Will I learn VirtualDub and Adobe Premiere while editing these videos? Will @jeff have blonde hair? Only the future can tell

(No I don't have every episode, many of the download links on the old GameSpot site were dead. Now then, let's get this train rolling.)

On The Spot - July 8, 2004 "MECH_JACK"

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald, also with Greg Kasavin!!!

On The Spot - July 15, 2004 "LucasArts: Still Alive"

Short episode. Not much happens in this episode but it's still interesting to see what was hot around the summer of 2004

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald

On The Spot - Jul 22, 2004 "A Lot Of Stuff"

The best part is when they start talking about this Final Fantasy 11 clock that shows the game's clock and it costs $45. I don't even know what to think about that. The big friday show also spends some serious time talking about A Dog's Life. Yes, that Dog's Life. Brad continues to be bad at video games as well. I'm sure that UT server is still up; PW: gamespot

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald

We've got so much stuff coming up, it's like a lot of stuff. - Rich Gallup

That's it folks. It's pretty interesting to see the media 10 years ago. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat preview.