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King is pretty easy to pick up and play, with his lengthy standard punch combo, powerful grapples, and some nice surprise moves. So is Bryan, since he has a great defense and plenty of powerful combos and techniques. Jin and Kazuya are probably the most balanced, with some spammable kick combos, decent health and power. 
Kuma's probably the easiest "power" type character to pick up and play since his three-punch combo is rather devastating. Steve Fox is insanely quick if you know how to use his dodge system, and you could probably take out the final boss with him easily if you can dodge right... 
I don't really know. Tekken is a very mash-friendly series, but has a lot of technical stuff under the surface. I say go with Siris, and just play as anyone you can until you find someone you're really good with.

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It's hard to say. Back in the old days of Tekken, up to 3, I used to play exclusively with King, Jin, or Kazuya. But since 4 and 5 (Haven't played 6 yet), I've been gravitating more toward Bryan Fury, Paul, and Yoshimitsu. They're the easiest characters to really pick up and play, but King is just plain awesome in my book...Hmmm... 
I'd have to say King is my favorite of all time, but Paul and Bryan tie for 2nd in my heart.

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I'd have to say Heihachi. Not only is he the original Badass Grandpa, he has the gall to wear a Tiger-Print suit, or a sumo outfit, depending on the game he's in. He practically created the Mishima fighting style, which both Kazuya and Jin use, even if only partially. And he's really the only non-evil member of the Mishima Clan, not counting Lars, Jun, or Asuka. Oh, sure, he wants the Devil Gene for his own purposes, but he's really just a greedy SOB. And that pretty much puts him at the top of my character list.
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SNK Boss Syndrome is rather common in Tekken. Just look up Jinpachi on Hard. His fireball attack kills you in one hit. Two if you're lucky. And if you're REALLY unlucky, he'll do the one-two fireball. 

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I want that King of Iron Fist Tournament ring, the Devil Jin lighter (I don't smoke, but it's awesome) and the King T-shirt. Wish I had money right about now.

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@kmdrkul: Bravo, good sir. Couldn't have said it any better myself. 
If you're going to troll people, at least troll people who deserve it. Like flamebaiters, for example.
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I see Tekken getting a 3.5-4/5. It just doesn't seem to be evolving enough to really warrant the perfect score. 
As for WWE, I think it should get about the same score. While it doesn't seem to be a rehash lik '08 and '09 were, if the online isn't top notch and if the controls aren't really tight, then I don't see it getting any higher.

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Seriously, I'm asking? Devil Within was an expansion on the classic beat-em-up style Tekken Force minigame in Tekken 4, and possibly 3, I can't really remember. Let me discuss why I can't like it very much, myself. 
Pros:  -A targeting system, which is nice, since Tekken Force was a bit annoying in that regard.  
-A block button, so you don't have to press back when it's difficult to tell where back IS. 
Cons: Useless platforming. This is TEKKEN, not Mario, Namco. It should be about hitting dudes in the face more than jumping from one platform to another. 
-Oversimplified controls. If it weren't for the story, they could've just stuck anyone in Jin's shoes, and it would've been exactly the same. I think this is a result of the jump button and the block button being assigned to triangle and square, really. If they had just assigned them to something like R1 and R2 or something, we could've had all of Jin's combos instead of a button masher of a brawler. 
I hope that this new "Scenario Campaign" Mode of Tekken 6 brings that classic flava back. But that's just me, which is the purpose of this topic. 
What do YOU guys think? About Devil WIthin? About Tekken Force? About both these and the new Campaign Mode?

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No thanks. I've always played Tekken with a controller, and every time I've played it, or any other fighting game with a stick, I end up sucking. I'll deal with the Xbox's strange layout for fighting games, since it's closer to my norm.

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Honestly, I find Raven to be more Ryu Hayabusa than Blade in terms of style of clothing and style of fighting. But yeah, if you mostly just consider his head, then yeah, I can see the Blade resemblance. 
I don't see a problem with that.