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If you have the money to spend HD-25-1 II's i have had a pair for about 2 years now they are robust and sound incredible!

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Has Its pros and cons, radar always on eliminates camping to a degree But as you said Removes some of the tense atmosphere. However with the cod point system removed in this game there is little point in having these modes so having them included in blops 2 is a bonus in my eyes!

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Played this at the EuroGamer expo last month I can confirm this game is awesome!

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I am laying on PC and i think armoured kill is fantastic. Endless amounts of fun enormous battles and general craziness!

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Got my joining date today, i go to basic training For the royal navy on the 12th of may next year !

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I hope (of course it will) this case is publicised, as much as much as it possibly can be in the games industry. i am sure the end result will be all over reddit regardless, so i will now be able to sleep easy at night knowing even if there is no firm legal victory the internet will strike back.

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I would have to say final fantasy i tried 13 and i know its not a shining sample of the franchise but really didn't think it was for me at all.

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Battlefield 1942 Used to go round my friends house in primary school and spend the weekend there he had two pc's so we both played online at the same time must have been about 10 years old it was amazing !

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kotor 2 does not run well on xbox 360 at all you will find the sound cuts out a lot the game locks up huge frame rate issues for some unknown reason as well!

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I am yet to finish it also however i am only about 40 hours in !