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Man, Microsoft just cant stop tripping over its own two feet. Lets not forget that 343 is straight up owned by MS, if anyone should be able to get a game running smooth on Live, you'd think it would be them. Guess not.

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I bought this after the QL as well, really having a great time with the demo so far. I cant wait to see what changes in the full game on the 27th! Great find guys, i would of missed this totally had it not been for the GB crew!

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yep i did! spreading it around work too!

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I cant wait, the entire series has been phenomenal so far! Defiantly one of the best produce's of this year!

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Well that was pretty good, 2K got me fixed up with a new key in about 10 to 15 mins.

Not to shabby!

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So i pre-ordered via GameStop (PC) so i could have a hard copy of the game. The installer pops up a thing for a steam code to be entered. called 2K after i couldn't find anything in the box or booklet. They said it should be on the back of the booklet but the white margin on mine is totally blank. 2K is investigating the issue and had me send them pic of the back of the booklet and my payment slip.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue, its too early, so I haven't found anything online yet.

Guess i'll just wait...

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This is great!!!

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So Excited! I loved the first 2 episodes!

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Oh no, something bad happened to Phil Fish and now we are all talking about it. Dude is the master at his craft that's for sure, so long as his craft is bitching and getting people to talk about him, and not, you know... making games.

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My biggest question so far is if all the games a free to play and people are dubbing this the "indie machine" or "the developers console of choice" how can that be so? If all a player or consumer pays for upfront is the box and all the games are free then how am "I" the "developer" paid? Are their ad's like crazy? People also don't seem to remember that there are some malicious apps out on the Android store as well. If my billing info is going to be on this box, or on this server, and its open source and people can make whatever they want and publish it to the service without any curating process and people are being told to hack the thing. whats stopping someone from publishing an app designed to steal whatever info is stored on the box or the server, or designed to over heat the machine and kill it?

I'm all for change, and throwing a wrench in the gears of the big 3 does put a smile on my face, but there are just still to many unanswered questions, and i wish people would take a moment and think about what they are being told and how this works before throwing money and praise from every direction.