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lets go with Dark Souls, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 4, Mass effect 2, Jade Empire, basically any of Rockstar's and Bethesda's open world games, Witcher 2, Bastion, Bioshock and Bioshock infinite. Deus Ex, (and human revolution), and the Arkham games.

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brilliant, love the Dr Tracksuit one especially

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@mrfluke: He also animated this:

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and this:

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Certainly not to everyone's tastes (and the two episodes I watched of RWBY were bad), but the man had a talent for some really awesome computer animated action.

man was a genius, and according to a user on kotaku, he worked on the afro samurai game.and came up with the dismemberment stuff that you do in that game.

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oh what the fuck he actually passed away? goddammit, that dude was amazing.

in case anyone's confused as to who this guy is, he made these amazing short films, then proceeded to get hired by rooster teeth,

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a survey came out a while back asking folks what they wanted out of a rising 2, not to mention kojima always says he wanted to do another rising game.

what im curious about if this is a bayonetta 2 scenario, where sony's fronting the bill on this to make it happen. guess we'ill know soon enough.

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its explained in the comics, that kenshi rescued scorpion from the netherealm, and made him a good guy apparently.

and we may get back noob, just probably not "bi-han" noob.

and then makes sense ermac wants the throne as well, goes along with boon saying this game is going to be about the power struggle for the outworld throne during Kotal Khan's Reign.

yes, im very interested in MK lore.

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It seems a bit early to be assuming he's not Bi-Han or Kuai Liang. I know Ed teased the "Sub-Zero factory" concept of the Lin Kuei, but we really don't know who this is yet.

Bear with me here, but I have a theory that it's the Elder Sub-Zero AKA Noob Saibot AKA Bi-Han, brought back to live.

Unlike any MKX E3 content I've seen and heard since, the E3 trailer during the Sony press conference had audio on the characters sounding off on each other before the fight and Sub-Zero says "I'm getting tired of professing my innocence to you" (referring to why Scorpion killed him in MK9). To which Scorpion angrily responds with "Well allow me to relive you of your burden!" And then the fight starts.

I think that either the good guys or bad guys (obviously not Shinnok/Quan Chi/Brotherhood of Shadow/Team Netherrealm) succeeds in getting Noob brought back to live as Sub-Zero.

so to add to that especially now that they are flipping around the timelines, in Deadly alliance, Scorpion was knocked into a Soulnado, and then in Deception he became a good guy.

in Mk9, Bi Han was knocked into the soulnado by nightwolf so he could very well be the subzero for MKX.

NeverRealms ran a stream last night, in which they introduced two more characters to the mix. Reptile and Ermac. There continues to be a ton of banter between the specific selections before a fight, and in one of 'em, Ermac faces Sub-Zero and announces that "Your soul is corrupted", to which Sub-Zero responds. "Not corrupted, freed."

Guys.. I think we're getting the original Sub-Zero back. It'd make sense considering Scorpion's been freed from Quan Chi's control, as well. But that also means no Noob, which is crushing to me.

which that means if the scorpion in the game is hanzo, then its the pure old school rivalry,

him being bi-han makes sense, especially with the prequel comic, This subzero is looking for quan chi, (which he was the one who disguised himself as subzero and framed him)

and hey, you never know on noob, cyber subzero died at the end of 9, quan chi being the dick he is, could bring him back as noob.

like im still confused on how ermac is back, i know no one really dies in MK, but im curious of where he stands if he's the good ermac, or the bad ermac for mkx.

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beginning of the end for vita? nah too early to call that, i never used those things they are canceling.

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i might go for the resident evil remake. and probably a few playstation 1 classics.

the season passes for the telltale games are a good idea, but they just take so long to come out. and id rather play them all in one go,

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@wigg: hey, any plans with our group to finish Crotas End soon? i believe the progress resets on Tuesday with everything else?, and that 1st part was pretty hectic as is. so we should probably finish it before the progress rests.