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Dublin 2, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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I actually help organise a monthly tournament called Day of Champions, next month we're planning on doing something with Brawl Project M, Tekken the new Mario Kart if you guys would be interested in making it a GB thing.

I haven't made the events page yet, but it'll be in XGC on Liffey Street, and we usually get 20-30 people there. In the past we've done wildcard tournaments for Jackie Chan and Nidhogg and stuff so we could get Windjammers or something.

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I'll miss you Papa Bear.

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I didn't find white too bad, but for old times sake it had to be back in black.

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I got the humble bundle for a friend and set it to give all of the money to child's play. That counts as a good deed right?

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I know I'm super late to the party but I just got Mass Effect 3 as an early xmas present, so if anyone wants to play my Origin name is mscupcakes

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@BoG: Yeah, with the amount of random people add me wanting to trade for Bill's Hat I could probably retire after selling it.

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This is now my favourite thing.

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I think it's about time this thread gets some action again.

Here's a clip from a match today. The majority of the match isn't anything special but I managed to pull of a really great comeback just at the end. I even surprised myself.

Let me know what you guys think. And if you'd like to play sometime add me!

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I don't but if someone posts one I might have to steal it and use it.