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@Napalm said:
" These controls are frustrating, actually. I also like how they never mentioned to tell there's a fucking block button until I failed a boss fight like two times and then they're like, "YO DAWG MAYB U SHULD TRY THAT BLOCK BUTTON DAWG." "
Aren't the controls displayed at the loading screens? 
" I wish there was a simple "press up and shoot directly up" mechanic. I think it's dumb that it's like, "oh, shoot these meatslabs, but oh, you have to shoot them angled to hit them, good luck figuring out how to do that while this guy kills you over and over. "
That was the easiest f-in boss battle of the game. I got hit maybe once that entire fight. =\  It's okay to suck at games dude (lord knows I get my ass handed to me at SSF4 all the damn time), but you don't need to blame it on something else.

@Seppli said:
Now that's discouraging knowing what's up ahead in terms of platforming and other random deaths (rockets anyone?). 
That was probably the only cheap deaths I can remember in the game. I thought I was missing something, but it seems pretty random whether you make it through that area without getting hit or not. 
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@Oni said:
" It's a beat em up, of course it's repetitive, what did you expect? That's like complaining an FPS is repetitive because all you do is shoot people. "
I completely agree. Maybe beat-em-ups just aren't his thing. I personally loved it...I thought it was well worth the $15 anyway. The coop was even better than the single player, IMO.
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@AlisterCat said:
" Surely it takes more time to grind for the late fees than to actually finish the game. "
That was my thinking, too. I usually just go as far as I can go, then buy whatever I can from Wallace's Secret Shop. It'd probably be a different story on hard though.
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@Baconator: There's a major difference you're overlooking. Lara Croft was always marketed as having online co-op. In fact, it was marketed as being a big part of the game. The reason the 360 version didn't have it at launch was because they wanted to get it out in time for their Summer of Arcade promotion and to claim that "timed exclusive" bonus (although that's pretty misleading on their part, considering they didn't ship the full game).  
With Scott Pilgrim, they knew they couldn't add in online co-op and still make the deadline since the beginning, thus they never intended the game to have it nor did they market it as such. The only reason they'd patch it would be purely out of altruism, since they're under no obligation to do so, and they'd practically be doing it for free. While that'd be nice, I ain't exactly going to hold it against them if they decide not to do it.
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Are we talking PS3 exclusives here? If so, then:  

  1. Uncharted 2
  2. Metal Gear Solid 4
  3. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
  4. Valkyria Chronicles
  5. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Honorable Mention: 
  • Pixeljunk Shooter
  • God of War III
  • Killzone 2
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Maybe it's because I'm fortunate enough to own all 3 consoles, but I don't get all this fanboy bullshit. They're all pretty damn sweet if ya ask me. 

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I had an issue with the PSN card two weeks ago, where I got an error message reading "could not add funds to wallet at this time, please try again later" after I entered my code. My friend tried the same card on his account and got the same message. I e-mailed Sony Support, had to fax them the front and back of the card, then they activated it for me. Apparently, Best Buy may have gotten a poor batch of cards or something. Whatever, it works now, so try giving Sony a call.

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Oh, wow...I didn't realize there was such a anti/pro-Cera War going on out there. I liked the kid in Arrested Development, Juno, and Superbad, but he was pretty terrible here in Scott Pilgrim. Maybe I would've felt differently if I haven't read the comics, but he just didn't fit the role. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, on the other hand, was perfect. as Ramona.
Overall, I'm not surprised the movie didn't do too well. It's very much a niche movie...and not particularly a great one at that. 

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Yeah, I'm really diggin' all the in-game references as well (my favorite being its [spoiler] Mega Man 2 ending). For the most part, the homages aren't so much about simple name-dropping as they are alluding to the games with their own unique slant, and I think that's why it totally works for me. I also appreciate that they remembered they're making a game first and foremost, and didn't let issues of trying to stay absolutely loyal to the source material get in the way. In the end, it really does feel like the team created their own entity as opposed to just another game adaptation of a comicbook/movie. 
It'd be a fun idea if the GB community banded together to create a big ol' guide of homages for the game. It'd be great just to see how broad their scope really was, and to also point out all the little nuggets we missed out on during our own playthroughs.

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@RE_Player92 said:
" Thanks guys for all your help. My local Walmart was selling Final Fantasy 13 for $40 and Oblivion GOTY for $15 so I picked those up.  "
You should've went with Valkyria Chronicles like practically everybody was saying. FFXIII blew.