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I'm looking into purchasing a PS3, have yet to play all the awesome Sony exclusives + The Last of Us looks awesome, and was just curious if there were any sales that are coming up.


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It should as in it will work on my console in my dorm as well as my console at home? Assuming I have my hard drive/live account?

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So I'm home from college and picked up BF3. My 360 is still at my dorm, so im using my brothers console but with my hard drive, so my live account and data is on my hard drive but it's not my usual console. If I redeem the online pass with my account, will it not work when I bring my hard drive to a different console? Sorry if this is confusing, thanks!

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...skipping classes, staying up all we gooooo

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Beyond excited.

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...but it feels good to be back bloggin' and shit. I've been pretty busy with a lot of stuff; graduating high school, transition into college, job, everything. But that hasn't stopped me from playing some kick-ass games.

But first I want to talk about where I'll be in the fall. I'm going to the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) for News-Editorial Journalism. I can't help but think back to Gamespot, listening to the Hotspot, watching On the Spot, to the Bombcast and MK Skrub League, Jeff and the crew's brand of journalism has certainly inspired me to write. Someday, I could be at Giantbomb or CNN. It's gonna be a ride.

Giantbomb has never been better. The MK Skrub League was amazing, needs to happen again. The Quick Looks, reviews, Bombcasts, I continue to enjoy this website more and more. Keep it up!

I could write more, but it's a nice day out. Time for me to toss the frisbee for a bit.

Until next time.
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@cap123: @cap123: @cap123: @cap123: thanks, been awhile since I've posted lol.
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Oh my embed didn't work one sec

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When Call of Duty: Black Ops was first announced, I was ready to throw my MW2 game out the window (Sometimes, I still want to). I wanted nothing to do with COD. I have experienced the MW2 that no one likes. Hackers, cheaters, and just plain cheapness. But, enough of the negativity. The brand new BO (heh BO) multiplayer trailer is really interesting. Have a looksie if you haven't yet.  



Ahhhhh. So refreshing. It seems like it is shaping up to be a nice change of pace for the COD franchise. The currency system, unique wager matches, character customization (emblem creator seems neat), theater mode. I'm sure I've missed some, but all of these just reassure the fact that Treyarch is making some big changes. Wishful thinking: No Noobtube.  
Hopefully, on November, we can enjoy a COD game worthy of the name. 
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Halo 3 still has the problem of the game actually slowing down when playing multiplayer when the game is installed to the HDD, will this be fixed on Reach?