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I need more games that allow this just to creep out my friends. Meet Mr Happy:

Please observe his painted mouth below his actual mouth.

His proportions are a little ... off. Still, if it means I can scare the shit out of my friends with happy nazi rainbow bearded clown people from hell then I'm all for it.

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@cmpltnoob: Most people seem to be unaware of just how often the Souls games save. Check your inventory or stats, pick up an item, recover souls, so much as blink and the game saves. When you leave to the main menu it also saves. In other words, if you want to go and let the dog out or just go to the bathroom, go to "quit" which takes you back to the main menu (rather than quitting the game entirely), and when you're ready to continue simply load your character again; loading your character takes only a second or two which is really nothing. You'll start off exactly where you were before, the enemies that were dead stay dead, your health is what it was, etc.

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I've always felt that invasions were a core part of the Souls experience so this honestly just makes me happy. That they're willing to be bold enough to say "no, you can't have this half of the game without the other half" excites me. It's a dedication to a very specific and very unique videogame experience that they're trying to craft, so power to 'em.

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Honestly if I knew I could get away with it I'd do it in a heartbeat. Gaining money in that game isn't fun at all, and even when you get it half the shit is still locked behind ranks. I'd rather have just one treadmill to grind and stop worrying about losing money any time my friends and I do something adventurous or inventive; you know, all that terrible, terrible non-Rockstar approved fun.

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@wemibelec90: That would sort of defeat the purpose of this beta test being about stressing the servers with simultaneous logins from all areas.

Considering it sounds like they weren't going to have this test before the debacle tonight, I don't think it would matter much. I'm all for them getting the servers fixed up, (especially since I assume tonight was a server problem?) but I'd like to minimize the chances of this happening again next time.

The fact that it went so badly is surely reason for them to have the next one be all territories (which they're doing) so they can make sure they solved the problem. Also invasions and co-op broke down within five minutes this time around, so they absolutely need to test that too. If logins from different regions are causing those problems they need to be dealt with as early as possible.

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@wemibelec90: That would sort of defeat the purpose of this beta test being about stressing the servers with simultaneous logins from all areas.

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Notification came up in the last ten minutes of the beta. The next beta test is also for all territories and is on November 10th, 1am-4am PST, and 7am-10am GMT. Two weeks from today.

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Having played the beta I can say this probably will not be an issue. The movement of your character is just different enough to make controlling it feel alien. The little details seem specifically designed to throw off any Souls series veterans in such a way that their confidence is shaken. That said, certain skills are obviously still transferable once you adapt to the new feel, but all that does is come across as a reward. It's like you've earned those skills, you have that advantage, but you still have the unknown frontier before you and those skills will only get you so far. It's a wonderful feeling, so I wouldn't worry about the difficulty curve in Dark Souls 2 one bit.

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Fully downloaded and ready to go. The start menu will have to tide me over for now, but on Saturday I'll be all holy miracle magic up in this baby.