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@rorie: Hey Rorie, I know you're doing your best with all this and you're mostly flying solo, but all of the "learning experience" stuff has come from some tweets you've made. Mostly talking provisionally about whatever official response is forthcoming - calling something a learning experience is a rhetorical turn that shifts a concrete problem into something ephemeral, something that doesn't necessarily need a firm course of action since learning, by definition, is an end unto itself. Believe me, I've watched this conversation pretty closely. I'm not just out there to poke giant bomb in the eye.

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Went on a bit of a tirade on Twitter about this, so I might as well throw it here on the off chance that Rorie actually gets to it.

Seeing the rhetorical byline of "today has been a learning experience for Giant Bomb" is fucking infuriating.

Honestly, I'd respect the guys far more if they came out and said, "yeah, we knew this wasn't going to be popular" and opened discussion.

But when they paint this as a hat-in-hand baww guys we didn't know you'd be mad by acting like this is not A Thing, it's an insult.

Unless the crew is utterly divorced from reality, they had to have expected a certain amount of ire re: hiring decisions.

Because handwaving this away as an ephemeral "learning experience" - doesn't acknowledge accountability.

And in doing so, it means that Giant Bomb doesn't need to actually take steps to make this shit right.

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Transgressor's Staff isn't too bad if you're going hex/spell early on, but that's kind of it?

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So casually racist.

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On the upside, the demo for both the 3DS and Vita versions of Conception II is coming out today, so if you've got both, you can kinda make that call.

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The only thing that seems really odd is that the OP appears to be miffed about this. There's a lot of vestigial design in the Souls games. Why go out of your way to make an unforgiving game, and then add the white soapstone, which generally lets you summon help and makes most boss fights a cakewalk? Why have starting classes when you more or less have a free hand with crafting your character once you hit the mid-game? Why include a weird nest that gives you stuff when you drop it on the ground? WHY DOES EVERY FUCKING NPC LAUGH AT COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE MOMENTS DURING OUR CONVERSATION?

There's still plenty of uses for the torches in the game, as folks have mentioned. I've shied away from lighting sconces the same way that others shy away from summoning help for boss fights. (The Gutter was real fun, thanks for asking.) But the Souls games are always so deliberately obtuse that it makes sense they'd have something in there that's a little thin but maybe suggests further depth to further drive people nuts.

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Yeah. Fuck Kojima forever.

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It'd be nice to get some variety in the mix. So, hopefully not a straight white dude?

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Excitement for this game has sent me spiraling back into Altitude. God help me.

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The only thing that really bugs me is how long it takes to load on PS3. That 30ish second loading time after you die is a real buzzkill.

The most important part to me is that Dark Souls 2 makes me feel like I'm playing a different game. I don't want something that will just carry all my strategies over from Dark Souls 1. I've mastered Dark Souls 1 in a lot of ways, or as much as I really want to. I don't really play the Souls games to feel like a badass. I play them to feel like I'm going to get mashed if I make a mistake, if I don't pay enough attention, etc.

I like the stuff that makes this game not a Demon's Souls game or Dark Souls: Rehashed Edition. Like, if I really want to play a game that behaves like Dark Souls 1, I can still go back to that and probably find something I haven't experienced or done. I also haven't beaten Demon's Souls (yet) and it's a similar flavour, but fundamentally different in some pretty important ways.

I feel like Dark Souls will always be the quintessential experience for me, but it was also my first taste of the franchise. There's a part of me that's frustrated I'm not falling in as hard with Dark Souls 2 as I did with the first, but I've literally played Dark Souls 1 for over a hundred and fifty hours. That's fifteen times the amount of time I've spent with Dark Souls 2. Of course I won't feel the same about it. Also, I don't feel like I *should* feel the same way about it. There's way too many safe bets in video games these days.