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Ryan's laugh during the Creeper Cam show when Jeff played GalGun and a member called in to ask him about Megan's Law.

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@muttersometaxicab: That looks like an interesting book, I may have to check it out some time.

@video_game_king: I would say I hope to one day be a video game studies guy, but for now I am just an english guy who is trying to reapplying english essay techniques to games.

That's pretty much how most/all video game theory programs are handled these days. I'm in a masters program for experimental digital media, but it's being run from an English department.

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I don't really know how many video game studies folk actually hang out on Giant Bomb

I'd say a fair amount of such people do.

Huh. Good to know. I just don't see that stuff come up too frequently outside of a few Bogost dogmatists here and there.

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Hey, this is pretty cool, thanks for posting it. Only read the first couple chapters so far and you're right about the retreading at the beginning. Do you think it's safe to just skip to Chapter 8 or are there some important nuances later on I'd be missing out on without the context of the earlier chapters too?

Pinchbeck usually does a pretty good job of keeping things conversational throughout. Depending on your interests, chapters 4 and 5 get into some nitty gritty details about the way the game functions. Chapter 3 goes into some detail about the game's alpha, but yeah, if you've already heard the story of id, Pinchbeck really starts to dig in with Chapter 8. If that stuff doesn't interest you, you're probably fine to jump around a bit.

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Depends on your tastes, but I'm actually digging ZombiU a fair bit.

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Yep. Was waiting on a sale to pick it up. Happy to grab it at around $13.

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Xbone is the clear choice, here.

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