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Hey, this is pretty cool, thanks for posting it. Only read the first couple chapters so far and you're right about the retreading at the beginning. Do you think it's safe to just skip to Chapter 8 or are there some important nuances later on I'd be missing out on without the context of the earlier chapters too?

Pinchbeck usually does a pretty good job of keeping things conversational throughout. Depending on your interests, chapters 4 and 5 get into some nitty gritty details about the way the game functions. Chapter 3 goes into some detail about the game's alpha, but yeah, if you've already heard the story of id, Pinchbeck really starts to dig in with Chapter 8. If that stuff doesn't interest you, you're probably fine to jump around a bit.

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Depends on your tastes, but I'm actually digging ZombiU a fair bit.

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Yep. Was waiting on a sale to pick it up. Happy to grab it at around $13.

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Xbone is the clear choice, here.

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This topic should be renamed "This website isn't doing exactly what I want them to do and I'm not happy."

Two staff members are out on assignment, one being one of the more prolific quick lookers and the other one of the few video producers.

Dave left and Matt Rorie is joining the site to replacing him this week. They've said on video and Twitter that they're attending loads of meetings and orientation, so playing games live for our entertainment probably isn't top of their to-do list.

Plus it's a drought week, which all makes for an unfortunate combination video content wise.

On top of that, they'll all have other duties to attend to on the site (reviews, etc), so give them a break. Maybe play some videogames yourself instead.

Kinda this. I know they're revisiting that whole "hang out with GameSpot" show. And yeah, they have CBSi money behind them, but that also brings a shit-ton more bureaucracy with it. Switching Dave out for Rorie is probably a pretty big change, especially since it sounds like Rorie is going to have a very different job description compared to Snider. So yeah, factor in Patrick going on a pretty crazy special assignment with Drew, and the fact that Ryan and Jeff are probably going to need to be in a lot of the major meetings, that leaves Vinny and maybe Brad to pick up the slack. So yeah, it'll be a light week for premium content. Though I don't know how much more clear the guys could have been when they mentioned that they didn't have super-firm plans on what they'd do with the subscriber money.

Also it doesn't sound like it's just going to be another hour and a half of DiveKick. Sounds like they're digging a bunch of other games that Lang worked on to play during TNT.

But whatever, I'm not here to tell anyone how they should feel about the site. Just baffled is all.

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Steam ID: Mr_Hands

Warframe: Bharfgolem